Moscow Art Track

By May 8, 2018News

Apart from game development, game design, talent management sessions, expect a great Art Track. The representatives of the leading companies will give insights on the environment design in fighting games, work with light and shadows in 2D, the real role of visual content and much more :)

Action is driven by thought: How to create believable character animation

When & Where: Yellow Hall, May 17, 11:45 am

Animation is usually understood as a collection of motions, actions, and some other visual aspects, but we are going to explore it on a deeper level. Get ready to find out what it takes to create truly realistic characters – in this session Konstantin Chenchikov, Animation Director, Playrix, will talk about how characters’ internal reasons determine their actions.

Shadow Fight 3: Environment design

When & Where: Yellow Hall, May 17, 12:30 pm

This speech is about the evolution of the environment design in fighting games, its specifics and the problems Banzai Games faced in a production process. Alexander Nemov, Lead Artist, Banzai Games, is going to touch on how to make a believable picture and what artistic decisions are worth taking for this.

2D Dynamic Lighting: Tips and Tricks

When & Where: Yellow Hall, May 17, 01:00 pm

Kirill Zolovkin, Developer, Gripper Team, will give a talk on the ways light and shadows in 2D can significantly improve the quality of your graphics and — after some investment — your life as well. Using Gripper, a game currently in development, he will demonstrate a number of quick techniques that can create new gameplay situations and atmosphere.

Between the devil and the deep blue sea: how to keep art-manager’s mind is clear and productivity is high

When & Where: Yellow Hall, May 17, 04:45 pm

During this session, Maria Yartseva, Art Lead, OwlStudio, is going to share how to avoid professional burnout in art-manager daily routine. It will explore some details of art management in outsource studio, where customer and your team both rely on you.

True purpose of art and 3d artist in AAA projects and how to optimize art production Alexander

When & Where: Yellow Hall, May 17, 05:15 pm

Alexander Boluzhenkov, Art-Director, Advanced Schematics, is going to discuss such questions as ‘What is the real role of visual content in modern projects?’ ‘What else should an artist be able to do besides modeling and texturing?’ Against the backdrop, increasing sophistication and higher production costs, skills and knowledge enabling to optimize processes, allow to be demanded by a specialist and reduce production costs.

Communication for the Benefit of the Project and Artistic Freedom

When & Where: Red Hall, May 18, 12:15 pm

In this session, Max Schulz, Visual Development & Co-Art Direction, THREAKS, will speak about the impact personal opinions can have and should have in a professional work environment and the ways to present, justify and incorporate creative design decisions into a highly focused and fast-paced production.

Come and join us at DevGAMM Moscow 2018. If you’re an artist and want to level up your skills and techniques – our Art Track is for you! The tickets are on sale: