Game Design Track

By May 13, 2018News

Each conference we’re organizing Game Design Track which is, by the way, one of the most favorite among our participants. Be ready to learn lots of insights on how to make your a with your community, how ‘Hello Neighbor’ was created, how to highlight your game idea & more. Make sure to visit Anti-Lynch within this track. The experts will offer publicly practical ways of gameplay improvement to 3 selected but not released projects.

How to think out of the box you created

When & Where: Orange Hall, May 17, 11:15 am

The original War Robots meta was based on only three classes of robots: light, medium, and heavy. Vladimir Krasilnikov, Head of Game Design Department, Pixonic will tell you what kind of problems you may encounter with this approach, and how to find practical solutions to these problems.

How to figure all it takes with Excel and elementary education

When & Where: Orange Hall, May 17, 11:45 am

A lot of game designers who don’t have any higher technical education need to do math on their projects. More often than not, it is very time consuming and is a real pain in the neck, yet the results can still be disappointing. This talk from Aleksey Rehlov, Head of Russian Branch, Creative Mobile, will help you save your glial cells and attain more predictable results in the future.

Game Design by Community (based on Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread and Worlds Adrift)

When & Where: Orange Hall, May 17, 12:30 pm

Bossa Studios is famous for creating strange games in strange ways. Imre Jele, Co-founder, Creator-In-Chief, Bossa Studios, is going to touch on how they let go of dictatorial auteurship and embrace co-creation with their audience, allowing players to make them laugh through the irreverent comedy of Surgeon Simulator and build Worlds Adrift together, making it the first community-crafted MMO.

Neighbor’s design

When & Where: Orange Hall, May 17, 03:30 pm

“Hello Neighbor” is unexpected YouTube phenomenon of 2017. Game that stretched its gameplay over a year long period. Nikita Kolesnikov, Game designer, Dynamic Pixels, is going to cover such questions as ‘How was it all created?’ ‘How everything worked out?’ ‘Is it fun to sleep on the floor?’ ‘How not to die?’

From idea to proposal: a method to make your game concept viable and strong

When & Where: Green Hall, May 17, 04:45 pm

This talk will explain a method to create and revise your game idea in a new, unexplored way. Sviatoslav Torik, Product Vision Expert, Research & Development,, will guide you through the whole process: from stating the idea to explained possibilities and USPs. To be totally fair with you Sviatoslav will provide a challenging game idea example as well.

Creating Game Design Tools

When & Where: Orange Hall, May 18, 11:00 am

This talk from Konstantin Sakhnov, Head of Game Department, Rocket Jump, will cover useful cases of creation and tuning different game design tools (no need of in-depth programming skills) that can help every game designer optimise his work.


When & Where: Red Hall, May 18, 11:00 am

Such experienced game-designers as Serge Himmelreich, Game Designer, Co-founder, GDCuffs, ARPU.GURU, Vladimir Kovtun, Creative Mobile, Sviatoslav Torik, Product Vision Expert, Research & Development,, Gregory Choporov, Producer, 2RealLife, will offer publicly practical ways of gameplay improvement to 3 selected but not released projects.

Prototyping pipeline: Lessons learned

When & Where: Orange Hall, May 18, 15:00 pm

The session of Ivan Barishnikov, Team Lead Prototyping division,, will focus on prototyping pipeline. Building process from the scratch, evolving and working on mistakes. Problems that we’ve got and solutions that we’ve found.

UX for VR

When & Where: Pink Hall, May 18, 04:45 pm

During this session, Pavel Sovushkin, Head of UX department, WOWlab, is going to share the insights on UX design for VR projects. You’ll learn: what actions will help you to reduce the risks and improve the quality of a project at the pre-production stage; what you should take into account to make a VR project intuitively understandable and interesting for audience; how to make a prototype of a VR project in two days.

We’re waiting for you at DevGAMM Moscow. Take the chance to learn great insights on how to improve your game design and what tools you should use. Tickets are on sale :)