Talent Management Track

By May 4, 2018News

By tradition we organize an awesome HR & recruitment track in Moscow, supported by Values Value, with experts from the leading companies. This time it will cover Talent Management aspects. During the sessions you’ll learn how to build your personal or company HR brand. Moreover, you have the chance to see the results of ‘Big Salary Report 2018’. And that’s not all, the discussion panel on recruiting will be held within this track.

Content is Key: Pixonic Employer Branding Experience

When & Where: Yellow Hall, May 18, 11:00 am

Why Pixonic picked content marketing as a base for its HR brand and how exactly it helps to keep the industry curious about the company: a report by Pixonic Chief Strategy Officer Nikita Guk.

How to Innovate and Grow your HR Brand

When & Where: Yellow Hall, May 18, 11:30 am

In this session, Andrey Ivashentsev, Chief Innovation Officer, Yode Group International, will share his insights about using innovative technologies and approaches and how it affects your team loyalty and attracts new team members. He will also cover how it influences company HR Brand inside and outside the market.

Quit scrolling your Facebook feed, go get a job! – or Personal Brand Building Basics

When & Where: Yellow Hall, May 18, 12:15 pm

Sergey Volkov, HR Director, 1C Online Games, will give insights on how to build your personal brand and get awesome job offers and badass conference speaker invitations. How to look like a real expert, not a windbag scum on the web. General knowledge of what is good and what is bad in terms of personal HR brand.

Big Salary Report 2018

When & Where: Yellow Hall, May 18, 12:45 pm

VALUES VALUE has held the second salary survey of the Russian-speaking game development industry. At DevGAMM Moscow, Tanja Loktionova, Founder, VALUES VALUE, will share its results for the first time. There will be data from more than a thousand respondents, a comparison with the previous year, and info on what else exсept salaries motivates and demotivates game developers.

Make your brand great again. Choose the right time and action plan

When & Where: Yellow Hall, May 18, 3:00 pm

Your company has a successful game but no one knows about your company. Yes, it’s possible! You try to hire a new professional for your team but all ask you: “Who are you?” It’s time to work with your brand and make it great. When? Why? How? Director, Business Development, Belka Games, Yuriy Krasilnikov will try to cover these questions.

Employees’ recommendations make the difference. Employee as an advocate of Employer’s Brand

When & Where: Yellow Hall, May 18, 3:30 pm

Employees’ recommendations are the main index of Employee Engagement, serving as an effective channel to attract candidates. Employee is an Ambassador of the company brand and a brand influencer at the same time. Olga Abashova, HR Director, G5 Entertainment AB, will tell how to make employees more engaged and how to create the right message which employees should bring to the world.

Discussion Panel: Recruiting and employer brand

When & Where: Yellow Hall, May 18, 4:15 pm

Why are companies often spoiling their image in search of new employees? Tanja Loktionova, Founder, VALUES VALUE, Marina Goncharova, Head of partnership projects 3i Games, Mail.Ru, Kirill Goncharik, Head Of Life is Feudal MMO Publishing, Bitbox, Ltd, Oleg  Dobroshtan, Chief Talent Office, 101xp, Alexandra Pestretsova, Independent Expert (Ex marketing director My.com, Game Insight) will analyze the main problems, the claims from the candidates and what to do with this.

Join us at DevGAMM Moscow 2018. Learn from our experts how to work with talents: