Analytics Track

Analytics Track

Before we started the organizational processes of DevGAMM in Moscow, the representative of devtodev presented us with an idea to make analytics track. With no doubt we said “Yes”. This topic is very important for the gaming industry. We’ve never devoted to analytics so much time. We would like to thank Vasiliy Sabirov from devtodev for preparing such an awesome track!

Expect the sessions from the representatives of Playkot, NX Studio, MAIL.RU GROUP, Crazy Panda, devtodev, AIC and others.

Vasilii Smetanin, CMO, Playkot will dive dip into how to determine traffic quality, Oleg Lapin, Head of Game Analytics, NX Studio and Ilya Matveev, NX Studio is going to discuss how to match product analytics with marketing. Vsevolod Kotovich, Analyst, MAIL.RU GROUP in his turn will give you 5 simple models in game analytics.

Moreover, Sergey Panyushkin from Crazy Panda will share a case study of the company on how the increased revenue from game through offers personalization. Vitaliy Cheremisinov, from AIC will talk about the biggest challenge in conducting A/B testing in games. Vasiliy Sabirov and Kate Nahornaya from devtodev are going to deliver a talk on how to compare methods of getting insights and generating hypotheses. Which one is better: quantitative or qualitative research?

Apart from sessions, expect an awesome and insightful discussion panel on interaction between analytics and a project team. The list of participants includes the representatives of Belka Games, Kefir, Playrix, SkyEng. By a tradition Vasiliy Sabirov is going to moderate all the discussions.

Read more details about sessions from analytics track on our website.

The tickets are still on sale! Join us at DevGAMM Moscow on May 16-17 🙂

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