Succeeding on Apple platforms: developer stories

Succeeding on Apple platforms: developer stories

For the first time at DevGAMM you have a unique chance to hear the stories of how to succeed on Apple platforms told by developers, who managed to do that.

The series of talks which will take place at Red Hall from 12:30 till 16:00 was organized with the support of Apple and is meant to help developers to work efficiently on the platforms.

We are finally ready to share the details of all the talks.

Dmitry Pimenov, the producer of Nekki, is going to tell the story of evolution and success of mobile Action/RPG Shadow Fight on Apple platforms. The presentation includes their featuring timeline, LiveOps details, and other facts.

The session by Ilya Pshenichny, Business Development Director of Playkot, will be dedicated to the experience of the Playkot company entering the mobile gaming market. The main focus will be on a retrospective analysis of the launches of the SuperCity Citibielder (not so successful) and the step-by-step RPG Age of Magic (much more successful), as well as practical advice on working with the platform.

Mikhail Shagin, Dmitry Viktorov, and Alesya Kalinin, the founders of FIFTYTWO studio will talk about their experience in creating games on Apple platforms. How did three people from Nizhny Novgorod set up their international business? Development technologies, design and visual style, promotion and work with the audience.

Make sure to stay for the Q&A session after the presentations to ask your questions about working with Apple.


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