NB! The talks will take place in PINE Tool. All DevGAMM ticket holders will get access to the platform beforehand.

MAY 14-15
6 in-parallel stages
From 10 a.m. (GMT+3)
till 7 p.m. (GMT+3)


Ahmed Salama

Pacing the Flow of Information in AAA Games: From the Open World of Horizon Zero Dawn, to the Sandbox That is Battlefield V

Ahmed Salama, Lead UI Software Engineer / UX Designer, DICE EA

Ivana Randelshofer

Interactive Cognitive Art – Envisioning Information of Complex Interfaces

Ivana Randelshofer, Lead UX Supervisor, Ubisoft Düsseldorf

Anna Magieva

UX/UI Craft community

Anna Magieva, Lead UX Designer, King

Sven Charleer

Designing Real-time Dashboards to support eSports spectating

Sven Charleer, Freelance UX, Dashboard, Dataviz R&D

Sofia Chebanova

What horse a player needs

Sofia Chebanova, UX Lab Manager, Wargaming

Technology & Development

Solving the challenge of multiplayer games

Deepak (Sorcus) Chandrasekaran, VP of Product, Developer, Roblox
Alexander Simakhin, CEO, Drunken Monday LLC

Ivan Zhigarkov

Huawei Mobile Services: Game Services

Ivan Zhigarkov, Developer Technical Support Engineer, Huawei AppGallery

Alexander Shcherbakov

Smart bot behaviour in PvP fighting games. How we applied machine learning in Shadow Fight Arena

Alexander Shcherbakov, Lead Game Designer, Banzai Games

Kirill Bravichev

Artificial Intelligence based on Neural Network in Gamedev

Kirill Bravichev, Software Developer I, Sperasoft

Console release: troubles, money, two devkits

Dmitriy Fokin, CEO, CarX Technologies

George Gribkov

Code quality of game engines: is it really that bad?

George Gribkov, C++ Developer, PVS-Studio

Q&A session with Escape from Tarkov development team

Valentin Simonov

Hosted by Valentin Simonov, Unity

Nikita Buyanov

Nikita Buyanov, COO, Battlestate Games

Georgy Lemeshko

Georgy Lemeshko, Lead Programmer, Battlestate Games

Alexander Petersen

Alexander Petersen, Lead 3D Artist, Battlestate Games

Alexander Kovalchuk

Alexander Kovalchuk, Lead Animator, Battlestate Games

Yuri Lebedev

Yuri Lebedev, Lead Backend Programmer, Battlestate Games

Unity Sessions


Adaptive User Interface – Using Device Simulator to Fireproof your UI

Chema Damak, Technical Evangelist, Unity Technologies

Eugene Demidenko

Automating game testing: War Robots experience

Eugene Demidenko, Senior Automation Developer, Pixonic

Rus Scammell

Power to the Artists: The Evolution of 2D Game Tools

Rus Scammell, Technical Product Manager, 2D, Unity Technologies

Aleksey Lukyanov

Connecting ECS and MonoBehaviour Approaches in Enterprise Mobile Game Development

Aleksey Lukyanov, Lead Unity Developer, Azur Games

Andrew Saraev

The Rendering of Pathologic 2

Andrew Saraev, Graphics Programmer, Ice-Pick Lodge

Sergey Kormishin

Graphics debugger RenderDoc: breaking graphics down to the last detail

Sergey Kormishin, Rendering Engineer,

Viktoria Khanieva

Static Analysis and Unity Projects: why and how

Viktoria Khanieva, C++ Developer, PVS-Studio

Eugen Dubovik

From junior/indie developer to middle+ (C#, Unity3d)

Eugen Dubovik, Lead programmer, DouDou Games

Business & Marketing

Discussion Panel: Hypercasual. Look from inside - developer's perspective on achieving success

Alina_ Gribanova

Hosted by Alina Gribanova, Boombit

Konstantin Boronenkov

Konstantin Boronenkov, CEO, Hypnocat Studio

Ilya Nikitin

Ilya Nikitin, CEO, Sila Games

Ivan Domankov

Ivan Domankov, CEO, HighCore Games

Fireside Chat About Development, Publishing & Next-Gen Consoles

Randy Pitchford, founder, Gearbox Entertainment Company
Steve Gibson, president, Gearbox Publishing
Hosted by Alex Nichiporchik, tinyBuild

Anya Combs

Everything You Wanted to Know About Kickstarter

Anya Combs, Director of Games, Kickstarter

Bogdina Buvaeva

Grow your game with Google ad monetisation

Bogdina Buvaeva, Mobile App Consultant, Google

Stepan Slyusarev

Why TikTok is a new black: gaming audience on the most dynamic platform of 2020

Stepan Slyusarev, Head of Global Business Solutions, Russia, TikTok

Tatiana Serganova

3 Facts you might not know about Gen Z

Tatiana Serganova, Commercial Strategist, Snapchat

Daria Bogdanova

Your successful launch with Google AC

Daria Bogdanova, Gaming Growth Manager, Google

Mariela Tzvetanova

10 Must-Know Tips for Free-to-Play Game Distribution. The Case of Imperia Online

Mariela Tzvetanova, CMO / CBDO, Imperia Online JSC

Aleksander Filippov

World of Tanks Blitz: Breaking MAU and revenue records in just 6 years after the release

Aleksander Filippov, Lead Game Design, Wargaming

Anna Baidachnaya

iOS 13 and Covid-19 subscribtion impact - comparative analysis

Anna Baidachnaya, VP Sales EMEA, Braavo Capital

Fireside Chat about investing in Russia

Michael Cheung, General Partner, Makers Fund
Alex Nichiporchik, CEO, tinyBuild

Michael Schauble

The Art of Pitching a Game

Michael Schauble, Director of Business Development, tinyBuild

Kirill Perevozchikov

Creating your PR Plan: 5 steps to get coverage

Kirill Perevozchikov, Director, White Label PR


Live data panel: lead analysts vs real game data

Vasiliy Sabirov

Vasiliy Sabirov, Head of Analytics, devtodev

Konstantin Kochurov

Konstantin Kochurov,
Analyst, devtodev

Georgii Steshenko

Georgii Steshenko, 
Data Analyst, Remedy Entertainment

Vasiliy Shushval

Vasiliy Shushval, Director of analytics, KamaGames Studio

Vasiliy Sabirov

Live data panel: lead analysts vs real game data

Vasiliy Sabirov, Head of Analytics, devtodev

Fireside chat: Q&A session about Live Ops in mobile and AAA game development

Fawzi Mesmar, Head of Design, EA DICE
Vasiliy Sabirov, Head of Analytics, devtodev

Georgii Steshenko

1001 events: launching tracking for the project

Georgii Steshenko, Data Analyst, Remedy Entertainment

Kate Nagornaya

User segmentation, RFM analysis or "fishing dialogue"

Kate Nagornaya, Analyst, Belka Games

Igor Petrov

Let’s Work Together! How to improve your game with your players. Cooking Diary Case.

Igor Petrov, CRO, MYTONA

Dmitry Krause

Steam Report - 2019 in Graphs & Diagrams

Dmitry Krause, Game Analyst, HeroCraft

Vladimir Sankov

Case: having extremely many A/B tests at one time and being ok with them

Vladimir Sankov, Product analyst, Crazy Panda

Oleg Medved

Analysis and improvement of in-game events

Oleg Medved, Live Ops Manager, Plarium

Amir Omarov

How I switched from telecom to game analytics and what i understood

Amir Omarov, Lead Game Analyst, WhaleApp

Vasiliy Shushval

"Whales" in free-to-play games

Vasiliy Shushval, Director of analytics, KamaGames Studio

Aleksandr Odaynik

New approach to reach core audience by psychology

Aleksandr Odaynik, CMO,

Game Design & Narrative

Pascal Luban

Open world level design

Pascal Luban, Game designer & creative director

Dmitry Pimenov

Prototyping as a key game design instrument

Dmitry Pimenov, Producer, Banzai Games

Steve Thornton

Rules of Engagement

Steve Thornton, Sperasoft


In search of the meaning of games

Yaroslav Kravtsov, R&D Manager, DevGAMM

Alexander Ginzburg

Eight useful approaches to creating your characters

Alexander Ginzburg, Senior Game Writer, Lazy Bear Games

Artem Anisin

How to work on problems in game design, and why it is vital. Experience of Taonga project

Artem Anisin, Game Design Jedi

Barisbi Alborov

Narrative Designer's Work Pipeline and Practicalities

Barisbi Alborov, Narrative Designer & Game Writer


Game Design Review

Within a few one-hour sessions, experienced experts will show and tell what is wrong with several pre-selected games. They will dissect features, point out the untapped potential of the metagame and / or monetization, tell about other shortcomings. So that the feedback remains constructive, experts will offer options for solving these problems.

Panel Discussion: Retention without HR. Project Managers and Producers are on the case

Talent Management

Alina Mudraya

Alina Mudraya, CEO, Values Value

Eugene Sudak

Eugene Sudak, Head of Game Design, Pixonic


Alexander Shtachenko, Product Owner, GamePoint

Dmitry Kuratnik

Dmitry Kuratnik, Game Producer, Gismart

Anna Faryna

Anna Faryna, Chief People Officer, Vizor Games

Sergey Volkov

We have not only cookies – employees retention stories

Sergey Volkov, HR Director, 1C Entertainment

Game Industry Salary Report 2020: Insights and New Data

Alina Mudraya, CEO, Values Value
Roman Vasyliev, Co-founder, CEO inGame Job

Lena Timofeeva

MYTONA Heroes: How to Make a Team of Achievers

Lena Timofeeva, HR director, MYTONA

Anna Faryna

Onboarding as a competitive advantage

Anna Farino, Chief People Officer, Vizor Games

Oksana Afonina

Coaching as a tool for employee retention

Oksana Afonina, Business Coach

Galina Tokareva

How to make benefits work

Galina Tokareva, COO, Perk Card

Dmitry Shubeykin

Creating company synergy for emploees' retention

Dmitry Shubeykin, Deus Craft


Broadcast: About live streams in simple words

Aliaksandr Razuvalau, Broadcast Lead, Wargaming
Dmitriy Zhukov, Video Engineer, Wargaming

The Art of the Pitch Deck

Christopher Wulf, Publishing Director, Those Awesome Guys
Alan Dang, Producer, Genvid Technologies

Mark Barney

Management Approaches to Localization. The Case of Stronghold Kingdoms

Mark Barney, Vice-President of Operations, Firefly Studios

Yuri Ocheretyany

Sound design for live streams and teleconferences

Yuriy Ocheretyanyy, Sound Designer, Wargaming

Christopher Hamilton

Viewer-centric design for eSports and interactive game streams

Christopher Hamilton, Developer Relations, Genvid Technologies

Oleg Pridiuk

Hardware, software and settings for game developers to start making YouTube videos

Oleg Pridiuk, Developer Relations


Tale about infinite crunch. Project DeepWeb development story

Andrew Kokhan, CEO, NightCat Studios

LiveOps Masterclass with Minecraft

Gama Aguilar-Gamez, Principal PM – Minecraft Marketplace, Microsoft
Thomas Gutschmid, Principle Program Manager Lead, Microsoft
Chris Casanova, Microsoft

Art & Visuals


How to upgrade the look of the characters and win even more audience love

Aleksandr Yudin, Art Director, Belka Games

Vasiliy Rozhkov

Fight scene production

Vasiliy Rozhkov, Senior Animator, Sperasoft

Viktor Manin

Concept Art trends – The future of the gaming and film industries pipeline

Viktor Manin, CEO & Art-director, Anvil Frame Studio, Scream School


Physically Based workflow в 3ds Max/Maya – Substance

Alexander Getman, technical specialist, Autodesk

Game Studies

Discussion Panel: How business and science coexist in the gaming industry


Hosted by Alexander Mezin

Alexander Zezyulin

Alexander Zezyulin, Wargaming


Yuri Krasilnikov, Belka Games

Alexander Lenkevich

Alexander Lenkevich, Laboratory for Computer Games Research

Alexander Vetushinskiy

Alexander Vetushinskiy, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Arseniy Deriglazov

Arseniy Deriglazov, Freelance / FAU Erlangen-Nuernberg

Jesper Juul

Handmade Pixels: Indie and the Quest for making smaller, newer, and more authentic Games

Jesper Juul, Video game theorist, Royal Danish School of Design

Alexander Vetushinskiy

A Brief History of Game Studies

Alexander Vetushinskiy, Research fellow, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Sberbank Gamification Lab

Olga Morozova

Science in search of "useful" game design

Olga Morozova, Research associate, Institute of Psychology of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Game Center

Arseniy Deriglazov

Narrative Designers Hate Him: How to Write Great Stories Using This One Weird Trick

Arseniy Deriglazov, Narrative Designer, Games Researcher, Freelance, FAU Erlangen-Nuernberg

Alexander Vetushinskiy

More Than Just A Tool: The Proper Definition of Gamification

Alexander Vetushinskiy, Research fellow, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Sberbank Gamification Lab

Haptivism. Technics of the Body in Computer Games

Alina Latypova, researcher, Laboratory for Computer Games Research
Alexander Lenkevich, vice-head, Laboratory for Computer Games Research

Alexander Lenkevich

Media Philosophy and Game Studies. Brief Introduction

Alexander Lenkevich, vice-head, Laboratory for Computer Games Research

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