Looking back at DevGAMM Summit Seattle

Looking back at DevGAMM Summit Seattle

Last week on July 31 we launched a new type of DevGAMM event in Seattle. One day summit was packed with useful talks and opportunities to meet new people in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The Triple Door dinner theatre hosted game industry professionals who learned a great deal from experienced speakers and enjoyed their time networking.

The old theater vibe set the mood. It was easy to dive into topics like Steam production or games marketing while drinking coffee at a nice table. The setting was completely different from what we had at DevGAMM before. One of the perks being an independent event is trying new things and experimenting with environments among other things

We actually love small gatherings like this compared to our big events in Moscow or Minsk. It allows you to actually learn more about people around you and get into more deep conversations about the things that matter to you.

If you missed the event and the live stream, shame on you get the idea of what was happening at the Summit by checking event photo album on Facebook.  Also, all videos and presentations are already on our channel! Isn’t that great?

Thanks to DevGAMM Summit in Seattle we were able to get a thrilling experience of organizing events in the US. Is this something we will do again in the future? Who knows

On another note, we have awesome news to share with you about next DevGAMM Summit Seattle!