Recruitment at the conference

Hiring is your main goal at the DevGAMM? Then place your job opportunities on the Career Wall!

Career Wall is located on our partners’ separate page on the InGame Job portal.
There are two types of slots for vacancies: premium and standard.

Premium vacancies:

  • Displayed with the company logo.
  • Arranged in priority order at the top of the page. The earlier you applied, the higher the vacancies will be on the page.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of placements.

Cost: $40 / vacancy

Standard vacancies:

  • Displayed only with title and description link.
  • Located at the bottom of the page, after premium vacancies.
  • Limited to 4 vacancies per company.

Cost: Free

To post any kind of vacancies, you need to register a company profile on the InGame Job portal and upload your company’s offers.

Career Wall will be available from May 12 to 21.

For payment and posting vacancies, please email to


VALUES VALUE helps GameDev companies build their HR, PR and recruiting processes, hire teams and setup new offices. Our core client is a happy employee.



InGame Job is a job platform that is specialized in Game Development, with thousands of vacancies on board which are either hosted on the site itself or gathered via our aggregator from dozens of other sources. The platform provides information regarding salaries, industrial events, and educational courses.