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[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”40″][vc_column_text]Where: Minsk Marriott Hotel + Falcon Club[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”15″][vc_column_text]Address: 20 Pobediteley Avenue, Minsk 220020 (show on map).[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”40″][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”40″][vc_text_separator title=”Official Hotel” color=”custom” border_width=”3″ accent_color=”#f06730″][vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”3993,3994,3995″ layout=”3″ gallery_style=”1″][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”15″][vc_column_text]Address: Minsk Marriott Hotel. 20 Pobediteley Avenue, Minsk 220020 (show on map).[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”15″][vc_column_text]Price: room cost $110 per night (including all taxes and fees). Price is valid from 14 until 19 of November. Promo code is valid until November 3.

Cancellation of reservation: 1 day before the reservation.

Breakfast (buffet): not included and should be paid separately — $25 per day.[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”15″][vc_column_text el_class=”Karina”]

How to book: use the link http://www.marriott.com/default.mi

[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”40″][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”40″][vc_text_separator title=”Renaissance Minsk Hotel” color=”custom” border_width=”3″ accent_color=”#f06730″][vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”3996,3998,3997″ layout=”3″ gallery_style=”1″][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”15″][vc_column_text]Address: 1 E, Dzerzhinsky Avenue, Minsk 220036. This is NOT a conference Venue.[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”15″][vc_column_text]Price: room per night for 1 person — $99, without breakfast.

Prices include: VAT 20%, free Wi-Fi, free Fitness center, free tea/coffee in the room.

How to book: just follow the link. Select the dates of your stay between November 14 until November 19.
Last day to book: October 31.

NB! Renaissance Minsk Hotel is not a conference venue, it’s just a cheaper option.[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”40″][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”25″][vc_text_separator title=”Getting Around Minsk” color=”custom” border_width=”3″ accent_color=”#f06730″][vc_column_text]Minsk is easily accessible by air, railway and road. The public transportation network there consists of subway (metro), train, suburban railways, buses, trolley buses and trams.[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”25″][text-with-icon icon_type=”font_icon” icon=”icon-plane” color=”Accent-Color”]Flight & trains:

  • The official air carrier of Belarus is Belavia.
  • From Russia (Moscow): Flight duration: 1 h 20 min.
  • From Ukraine (Kyiv): Flight duration: 1 h 5 min.
  • From Europe: More than 20 directions covered.

Alternative option (for Schengen visa holders):

  • You can fly to Vilnius, and pick any low-cost airlines out of a long list. For example, WizzAir.
  • It’ll take you only 2 h 30 min to get from Vilnius to Minsk by train.
  • Train schedule is available here.

You can also take train to get to Minsk from Kyiv or Moscow:

  • Travel time (from Kyiv): 10-12 hours.
  • Travel time (from Moscow): 9-10 hours.

Directions from the National Airport Minsk:

  • Bus No. 300E. It runs every 45 minutes. The stop you need is located in the 5-6 sector area. (Details)
  • The bus arrives at the central bus station (not far away from the railway station).
  • You can also take a train. Schedule.
  • To get to the hotel take buses No. 1056, 1, 119С near the railway/bus station.

NB! Google Maps Route planners don’t work too well in Minsk. Use Yandex Maps, Wikiroutes website or Minsk Guide app.[/text-with-icon][text-with-icon icon_type=”font_icon” icon=”icon-truck” color=”Accent-Color”]By taxi:

Download Uber app for quick and reliable taxi rides.[/text-with-icon][text-with-icon icon_type=”font_icon” icon=”icon-mobile-phone” color=”Accent-Color”]Mobile Internet:

If you want to have access to mobile connection or 3G Internet, it’s better to buy an MTS SIM-card. To buy one, you should show your passport (any passport, not only Belarusian one).[/text-with-icon][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”40″][vc_text_separator title=”Visa to Belarus” color=”custom” border_width=”3″ accent_color=”#f06730″][vc_column_text]Starting this year Belarus is visa-free!

NB! There are few conditions:

  • Maximum stay in Belarus is limited to 5 days
  • You must enter and exit Belarus only through Minsk National Airport
  • It applies only to this list of 80 countries
  • You are required to have a few documents with you (valid passport, medical insurance, financial means)*

Make sure to check Belarus government website for more info!

*For citizens of Vietnam, Haiti, Gambia, Honduras, India, China, Lebanon, Namibia, Samoa a valid multiple visa of the EU member states or Schengen zone with a mark in passport on crossing the border of these states and tickets with confirmation of departure from  “Minsk National Airport” within 5 days from the date of entry is a compulsory additional requirement.[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”20″][vc_column_text]Have visa questions? Contact Maria at chyrvonaya@devgamm.com[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”40″][vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOjGWYAKKA0″][/vc_column][vc_column column_padding=”no-extra-padding” column_padding_position=”all” background_color_opacity=”1″ background_hover_color_opacity=”1″ width=”1/4″][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id=”page-sidebar”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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