Networking and charity event for games industry professionals who want to share their antiwar positions and support people suffering from the war in Ukraine. 

Meet us to learn about various charitable initiatives in the games industry and in Cyprus. Let’s cooperate to raise funds for humanitarian aid in a safe place with like-minded people.

We welcome all international game dev professionals with any passports and roots. Let’s unite because together we can do more. Let’s build a non-toxic professional community based on trust and humanitarian values.


The event format includes a presentation by the organizers on how to support Ukrainian fellow game developers and citizens fleeing the war or remaining inside the country. You can purchase donation tickets for this event or donate directly to trusted funds. And yes, you can also come just for free. 


In addition, representatives of a volunteer organization CY4UA that help Ukrainian refugees in Cyprus will present you with the results of their work and tell you how you can participate in their activities. If you want to support Ukrainians in Cyprus, you will get information about private service providers among migrants.


At the entrance, you will receive vouchers for the complimentary refreshing drinks of your choice. So you will have a chance to have a good time for the benefit of those in need.


July 1, 2022

19:00 – 00:00


Place:  Gerrard’s Kitchen & Bar
Address: B1 Navarria, Agios Tychon, Limassol


You can buy unlimited amount of tickets to donate


Free ticket


Donation ticket


Donation ticket
+ postcard


Donation ticket
+ T-shirt


Combo ticket

(T-shirt, postcard & hugs)


You can buy an entrance ticket for 0 euros (just register) and attend the event for free. Other options are to buy extended packages for 20, 35, 50 and 100 euros. You can purchase an unlimited number of tickets. All collected money will go to charitable foundations helping Ukrainians.

Expanded packs include exclusive T-shirts made by SWAG42, and postcards with anti-war art by Ukrainian game dev artists.

The T-shirts were kindly designed for you and us by the creative team of SWAG42. You can choose your size and get them at the event.

All proceeds will go to charitable foundations helping Ukrainians. All sales are final and not refundable.