Conference entry rules and safety measures against COVID-19

QR code

You need a special digital QR code to attend our event. It will be checked at the entrance. 

Learn more about how to get a QR code in our FAQ below. 

After checking the QR code we will put a special bracelet on your hand. Do not remove it until the end of the conference otherwise you will require the QR code after each re-entry on the location of the conference.

Face masks

Please wear a face mask during your stay at the conference.

Temperature screening

Your temperature will be checked at the entrance.

All the attendees whose body temperature is 37,5 °C or higher will be immediately asked to leave and advised to take a COVID-19 test. In this case, they will get a refund for the ticket.


At the conference venue, there will be hand sanitizers installed. Use them after you touch any surfaces or items.

Social etiquette

Please refrain from shaking hands to help protect yourself and others from coronavirus.
Keep your social distance and stay healthy!


  • You received both rounds of the vaccine (or one round of the vaccine that does not require two shots) registered in the Russian Federation; 
  • You have had COVID-19 in the last 180 days according to the official registry of COVID-19 patients who recovered;
  • You have a negative PCR test result from a Moscow laboratory registered with the EMIAS database (it is valid for 3 calendar days from the date of receipt). 

For a list of laboratories registered with the EMIAS database, visit

You can also call the nearest laboratory to get information.

Once you meet any of the 3 requirements for a QR code receipt, complete registration on by filling out a special form and follow the instructions.

Then just wait: it usually takes 24 hours to receive a QR code. It is valid for 72 hours from the date of receipt if you got a PCR test or 6 months after getting vaccinated or recovering (if registered with the EMIAS).

A QR code obtained on the Public Services Portal ( can also be used to access the conference.
You should save the QR code on your smartphone or print it out.

If I have already obtained a QR code after getting vaccinated or recovering on the Public Services Portal or Can I attend the event?
Yes, your QR code shall also be accepted. 

How to check your QR code?
Download and install “Моя Москва” app (App Store, Google Play) and select “Услуги” (“Services”). Scan your QR code and check its status. 

Can I attend the conference with a PCR test?
No. You are only allowed to access the event with a QR code.

Can I attend the conference with a vaccination certificate? 
No. Paper vaccination certificates obtained after vaccine administration at a healthcare facility do not give the right to access the event and are not considered a digital certificate with a QR code. Such certificates shall not be accepted.

Check official sources to get more information about getting a QR code: