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Vilnius 2023

JUNE 20-21

Discover Vilnius

Vilnius is the Capital of Lithuania known for its Baroque architecture, seen especially in its medieval Old Town which is included to the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

The streets and buildings reflect the signs of living, once led by Lithuanians, Jews, Poles, Russians, Germans, Belarusians, Caraites and Tatars. Here peace reigns among the representatives from different confessions such as Catholics, Greek-Catholics, Orthodox, Evangelic-Lutherans, Evangelic-Reformists, Jews and Muslims. The historic center of Vilnius (the old town) stands for a proof of harmony between a human being and nature.

Vilnius, as the capital of Lithuania, is the home of the President, the Seimas, the Government and the Supreme Court. Diplomatic missions, educational, cultural, financial, research, and healthcare institutions are based here.


Vilnius is a city of culture. There are many museums, art galleries, churches and other famous buildings and sightseeing points offering interesting and original displays in the Old Town. Diverse neighborhoods will take you through the centuries, green parks will help you relax and provide outdoor activities.

Getting Around Vilnius


Go Vilnius website has a great guide on how to use public transport in the city.


The most popular taxi services are Bolt and Uber. Bolt has more cars and is quicker to arrive. Also, you will be able to pick up Bolt electric scooters with the same app.


If you want don’t have a European sim card and you need mobile internet, we found a great guide for you on how to get it in Vilnius.

More useful information from Go Vilnius – the official development agency of the city of Vilnius.