Valeriya Mallayeva
Managing Director

Skype: mallayeva
Phone: +380993668649

Contact with any questions: concerning the sponsorship, speech-making, strategy, unique forms of cooperation and other questions.

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Maria Chyrvona
PR & Content Manager

Skype: chyrvona
Phone: +380938368195

Questions concerning speaking opportunities, public relations, media partnerships and Speed Game Dating.

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Sergey Chernobrivets
Account Manager

Skype: sergey_ukraine_acc
Phone: +380990311747

All questions concerning the payments and agreements (tickets and sponsorship). Coordination of works with contractors.

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ADD ME: Sergey

Tori Pavlenko
Partner Manager

Skype: viktory1209
Phone: +380964764462

Sales and business relationships with sponsors.

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ADD ME: viktory1209

Anastasiia Oleynikova
PR Associate

Telegram: Eria9
Phone: +380507629429

Questions concerning media partnerships, press registration and blog.

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Vika Bovshovskaya
Production Manager

Skype: vikki.mikk
Phone: +380684947626

General conference questions, logistics, print and volunteers.

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ADD ME: vikki.mikk

Philip Rumak
Volunteer Coordinator

Telegram: phil_rumak
Phone: +380685760414

Coordination of volunteer activities.

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ADD ME: Philip Rumak

Diana Kurilovich
Pitch & Match Coordinator

Telegram: dialaoshi
Phone: +79261758510

Coordination of Pitch & Match meetings.

Yaroslav Kravtsov
Showcase Сoordinator

Telegram: YarKravtsov
Phone: +380685760416

All questions concerning showcase. Coordination of DevGAMM Showcase.

FOLLOW: YarKravtsov
ADD ME: yaroslav.kravtsov
ADD ME: Yaroslav Kravtsov