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Lisia Grobla Street 7

Located in a historic building that once housed a submarine parts assembly plant,
Montownia is the only spot of its kind.

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Mercure Gdansk Stare Miasto

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Gdańsk is one of the oldest cities in Poland, and has over a 1,000-year history. For those who crave cultural experiences, this bustling city boasts a lively scene complete with numerous museums, theaters, and galleries.

As a seaport and shipbuilding center with a long history, the city’s panorama is distinctive with shipyard cranes. Gdańsk’s unique character is complemented by its beautiful, wide sandy beaches, which offer an attractive way to spend leisure time year-round. 

Gdańsk’s cuisine boasts hearty and flavorful traditional dishes such as pierogi, kielbasa, bigos, and zurek, as well as exquisite fish dishes. 

One of Gdańsk’s strengths is its affordability, offering excellent quality at a moderate cost.


By Plane

The Gdańsk Lech Walesa Airport offers around 90 air connections in Europe, operated by several carriers like Eurowings, Finnair, KLM, Lufthansa, Norwegian Air, LOT, Ryanair, SAS, and Wizzair. The Where We Fly map is available HERE.

The airport is located 16 kilometers from the city center. One can reach the historic Old Town either by bus or train service. The journey with public transportation takes around 40 minutes and only 25 minutes by taxi

By train or bus

The city is easily and directly accessible by an extensive railway network and long-distance domestic and international bus services. Gdańsk is an important railway hub, with dozens of trains passing through each day. High-speed trains will get you to Gdańsk directly not just from all major Polish cities but also from Berlin or Vienna.

By car

If you decide to arrive by car, you may use the A1 motorway connecting the city with the international road transport corridors. Dual carriageways link Gdańsk with Warsaw and several other major Polish cities.


👠 Most streets in the Old Town are pebbled, so high-heeled shoes are not recommended. 

💂🏻‍♀️ The official language in Gdańsk is Polish, but many people speak English, especially in tourist areas. 

💁 Tipping in Poland is a common practice, and it is customary to leave a tip for good service of around 10%. 

💸 Use Polish Złoty instead of Euros. Credit cards are widely accepted. Exchange currency at banks or Kantor offices. Never exchange money with people on the streets!

🍻 Drinking alcohol in public places is illegal in Poland, including driving after consuming any amount of alcohol. The consequences of breaking these laws are severe. 

🛍️ Most stores including shopping malls, supermarkets, and smaller shops are closed on Sundays. However, restaurants, bakeries, gas stations, pharmacies, and smaller stores remain open.

🔌 Poland uses the European standard plug sockets with a voltage of 230V. 

🛜 Stay connected during your travels by purchasing a local SIM card or using Wi-Fi available in hotels, cafes, and public spaces. Gdańsk offers free Wi-Fi zones in popular tourist areas.

🪪 If you are a student, do not forget to bring your student ID card. Many museums, attractions, and transportation services offer discounts for students upon presentation of a valid student ID.

😬 Do not ask people how they are doing unless you really want to find out 😊

🚕 Bolt and Uber are both very popular ride-hailing services.

🚰 Tap water is drinkable. If you are keen on buying packaged water make sure that it has been labeled as ‘Niegazowana’ which means ‘still’.

🇵🇱 Remember the Three D’s: 

Dzień Dobry [dʑɛɲ ˈdɔbrɨ] – Good morning/day!
Dziękuję [dʑɛŋˈku.jɛ] – Thank you!
Do widzenia [dɔ viˈd͡ʑɛ.ɲa] – Goodbye!

We thank the Visit Gdańsk Agency for the tips and tricks. Visit their website to learn more about museums, tourist attractions, and other useful info.