Business Track in Moscow

By April 26, 2018News

Business Track will take place during two days of the event in Green Hall. All sessions of this Track can be accessed only by Business Ticket holders. It’s meant as a place to share ideas with those who can already apply it to their own business practice. Topics vary from integrating esports in your games to marketing without budget.

eSports for game developer

When & Where: Green Hall, May 17, 11:15 am

When you think about eSports – you imagine Dota 2 International, stadiums filled with people and streams with millions of viewers. And you know that all of that applies only to top competitive games. Alexey Ustyantsev, eSports platform manager, Mail.Ru Games, is going to explain why a normal down to earth game developer would try to work with eSports.

Marketing. Understanding your audience

When & Where: Green Hall, May 17, 11:45 am

If you have a finished game, you need to know your audience. During the talk of Anna Grigoryeva, Chief strategy officer, GameNet, you will learn: what is positioning and brand philosophy, audience segmentation and how it is used, and some useful advertising metrics.

How to deal with Chinese developers: lessons learned

When & Where: Green Hall, May 17, 12:30 pm

When you take on a Chinese game, you need to know what to expect and be aware of all the factors involved. Dmitry Ryabchikov, CEO, CreaGames, will share his experience in working with Chinese developers, and also talk about the features and risks of localization.

Dante-style QA. Which circle of hell is awaiting you in case you refuse testing

When & Where: Green Hall, May 17, 1:00 pm

On each stage of development, there is always a concern about creating an internal QA-department or engaging outsource testers. In this report, Evgeny Krukov, Deputy Head of QA Department, Bytex LLC, will investigate some typical problems facing the projects which decided to refuse testing and consequences of such refusal.

Game analytics battle: Playtest vs Statistics

When & Where: Green Hall, May 17, 3:30 pm

Alexander Dzyuba, CEO, Sense.Vision, Vasiliy Sabirov, Lead Analyst, Devtodev, the representatives of the two leading in CIS game analytics companies with the different approach to analytics are going to have a “battle”. Or, rather, to cover a number of game development and operation cases – how to solve them with instruments from each company with direct comparison and winner determination. Full coverage and the final point in game analytics.

From idea to proposal: a method to make your game concept viable and strong

When & Where: Green Hall, May 17, 4:45 pm

During this talk, Sviatoslav Torik, Product Vision Expert, Research & Development,, will explain a method to create and revise your game idea in a new, unexplored way. He will guide you through the whole process: from stating the idea to explained possibilities and USPs. To be totally fair with you Sviatoslav will provide a challenging game idea example as well. This talk is very useful to game designers.

Game Art: the financial aspect

When & Where: Green Hall, May 18, 12:15 pm

You can talk a lot about art and how it is made: beautiful, functional, and technically correct. But only a few people know how to put a price on it. In this talk, Vera Velichko, CEO, Art Director, Owl Studio, will explain you on what features depends on the price of the artwork, what are the pricing policies on the market. You’ll learn how to save money while developing a visual content for your game.

Localization with a 1,890% Return on Investment: from Theory to Practice

When & Where: Green Hall, May 18, 3:00 pm

At DevGAMM Moscow Denis Khamin, CMO, Allcorrect Group, will share a practical case study of implementing an ROI-driven approach to localization (focused on return on investment) in collaboration with the developers of a mobile game, as well as an approach to calculating return on localization investment and a concept of localization focused on the developer’s profits.

Boost app downloads without a budget!

When & Where: Green Hall, May 18, 4:15 pm

Know how to improve downloads of your app quickly and without a budget. Iryna Pyrih, Product Marketing Manager, Gameloft, will explain how to determine your audience, and reach your user with marketing.

How to do financial modeling to attract investments for mobile games

When & Where: Green Hall, May 18, 4:45 pm

The session is designed to help developers to plan production budgets, soft launches, release preparations and post-release project operation better. The principles and approaches to such modeling will be analyzed by Alexander Nasonov, CEO, GROSSING.GAMES. He’ll use a real financial planning case made for the purpose of attracting investments.

Take the chance to visit the open discussion panel within Business track, in Red Hall.

Discussion Panel: Investment and business organization done right

When & Where: Red Hall, May 17, 4:45 pm

What problems do developers face while seeking funding? What kind of projects are more interesting for investors and and how they make decisions? Alex Nichiporchik, tinyBuild, Aleksey Savchenko, Epic Games, Ilya Karpinskiy, MRGV and Mikhail Verbilo,, will explain these and other topical issues.

Join us at DevGAMM Moscow Business Track. Learn about the right business organization, game analytics, localization and much more. Buy tickets now.