Before purchasing tickets, please read the DevGAMM’s position on the war in Ukraine.


Please, note: your ID or Passport is required at the entrance.

Lost badge: In case of a lost, misplaced, stolen or forgotten badge, a fee is charged to get a new one. If the original badge was complimentary, you’ll be charged at the current on-site rate for a replacement.


The accreditation allows you to access DevGAMM, receive assets and press releases, and attend any events within the conference that do not require special invitation.

a Volunteer

Would you like to become a part of DevGAMM and attend the conference free of charge? Become a volunteer! We need active, vibrant and responsible assistants.

  1. DevGAMM strongly condemns Russia’s military aggression. 

The conference was born in Ukraine and most of its current organizers are Ukrainians who are also in trouble.

For these reasons, DevGAMM will no longer cooperate with individuals and companies whose activities are controlled by the Russian government or related to it whatsoever. This also applies to everyone who supports the act of war irrespective of their nationality.

  1. DevGAMM is not a platform for political argument. 

Our conference is and has always been meant to bring together talented game dev professionals from all over the world. Vilnius event is no different. 

This is no place for aggression or hate speech toward any of the attendees. DevGAMM is a platform for dialogue, cooperation, and networking.

However, all the attendees should take into account DevGAMM’s position on the war, as stated in the article 1. Those who have the opposite opinion, are publicly expressing it, or planning to do so while at the event, will be immediately asked to leave without a ticket refund.

  1. DevGAMM will help rebuild Ukraine.

We are going to donate part of the ticket and sponsorship package proceeds to the charity funds that help Ukrainians cope with war consequences. 

We also plan to hold a series of activities dedicated to the recovery of the Ukrainian game dev during the conference.

  • last day of Early Bird sale is June 7th. Regular prices will rise in July, switching to Late Bird period.
  • We accept invoice payment until July 18. After that, only credit cards will be accepted.

How to upgrade a ticket from STANDARD to BUSINESS?

Enter the promotional code update_to_business in the ticket purchase widget above, fill in all the required fields, and follow the instructions from the email.

I got my STANDARD ticket at Early Bird price, and would like to upgrade it during the Regular or Late Bird period.

If I got my STANDARD ticket at Early Bird price, and would like to upgrade it during the Regular or Late Bird period.It doesn’t matter when you decide to upgrade, the price of the BUSINESS ticket will be tied to the period of sales. So if you have a STANDARD Early Bird ticket, with the upgrade you will get a BUSINESS ticket at Early Bird price.

I got my STANDARD ticket with a discount. Does it apply to the upgrade?

Yes, it does. If you bought a STANDARD ticket using a promotional code, your discount will be automatically applied for a BUSINESS ticket when upgrading.

When is the deadline for upgrades?

You can upgrade your ticket until July 25, inclusive.

You can change the data up to July 25, 2022 inclusive.

To transfer your ticket to another participant, please send your request via email to with the following info:

  • your ticket,
  • full name of the other participant,
  • their company and position,
  • their email,
  • their phone number.

Within two working days we will make changes and send an updated ticket to the specified email.

  • The tickets bought after July 25 can not be returned.
  • All refund requests submitted after July 25 will be invalid.
  • Commission for the return of the ticket in the amount of $45 (in case of Wire (Invoice) payment) or 3.9% + $0.30 (in case of Stripe payment) falls on the buyer.

To request a refund, please email us via with your ticket attached.

DevGAMM will take place in July. We don’t know yet the safety rules that will apply in Vilnius at that time. However, we are going to ensure that the live event will have the highest health and safety measures in place.