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Our team

Lerika Mallayeva

CEO & Founder

Strategy and unique forms of cooperation.

Keynote sessions, panels, and roundtables

Max Kuznetsov

Partner Manager

Sales and sponsor management.

Nikita Ivanov

Content Manager

E-mail: ivanov@devgamm.com
Telegram: nivano
Phone: +381 63 7730 070

Speakers and sessions management.

Alina Husevyk

Head of Games

Developer & Publisher relations, Games Hub activities.

Anton Shashura

PR & Marketing Manager

Marketing and social media campaigns.

Dmitry Krech

Production Manager

Logistics and contractors coordination.

Lina Rykhlytskaya

Graphic Designer

E-mail: rykhlitskaya@devgamm.com
Telegram: alina4r
Phone: +380 97 501-76-83

Website management and promo materials development.

Research, planning, and implementing new ideas for the event.