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Report on Charity

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One of the primary goals of the DevGAMM event in Vilnius was to raise money and donate to the brave Ukrainian people who are suffering from the devastating Russian invasion. 

For that cause, we allocated more than $20,000 from the ticket and sponsorship package proceeds, plus from the Charity Auction bids, that we held together with Belka Games.

These assets will be donated to the organizations helping those affected by the war.

The 5th Platform of Ukraine – to help find shelters for those who had to flee the war zone. 

The fund was created by our friend Evgeniy Korobka, who had been a bright game developer, like many of our attendees, before the war started. Now, alongside his team Evgeniy collects and delivers humanitarian goods to the affected frontline settlements in different regions of Ukraine.

See more on Facebook.

UA Responders – to deliver medical and humanitarian supplies to people all over Ukraine.

This fund trains teams of Ukrainian rescue volunteers who can provide assistance at the scene of an emergency. One of the biggest needs for the hospitals now is devices for vacuum wound therapy. These devices allow doctors to save wounded hands and feet. Please, help the UA Responders to obtain the necessary equipment.

See more on the website and on Facebook.

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who joined the event in Vilnius, supported DevGAMM and Ukraine.

The war is still going on. Please, #StandWithUkraine and consider making donations to the charity funds.