14 — 15


The workshops will be hosted in a separate room, available to all in-person ticket holders.

Spots are limited, registration is required.
The full list of workshops will be published in mid-May.

Hosted by

Aliaksei Sasnitski

Creative Director, Game Designer

Creativity out of nothing: let's create a new game idea out of thin air

June 14 (1 hour)

Is it easy to come up with a new idea? In GameDev, most of the time it’s not about coming up with a new idea, it’s about taking something that already works and improving it. But are clone games, feature clones and clone ads really what the audience needs? And is that what we want to create? 

In this workshop, I will share working methods for developing new game ideas and features for the audience. The experience I will share is primarily based on my personal experience, gained while working as a creative director in creative agencies, as well as working in the game industry. 

Hosted by

Julien Wera

CEO, Moon Rover Games

Games Live Service Operational Model - How to manage a game after its launch

June 14 (1 hour 30 min)

This workshop will focus on how to define the operational model required to run a live service game: who needs to be involved, how are decisions taken, how often should discussions happen and on which topic, etc. Participants will be split in groups and define a live operational model, which will then be shared and discussed with all. Existing game studios operational models will be presented and discussed.

Hosted by

Ali Farha

Senior Producer, Star Stable

Passion and Productivity A Guide to Planning Passion-Driven Weeks

June 14 (1 hour)

In this workshop, I will share a proven way to balance production demands and the team’s desire to innovate and be creative.

Attending will result in a blueprint for how to execute the passion weeks in your companies/teams

Hosted by

Pascal Luban

Creative director & game designer

How to use narrative techniques to make your game more appealing

June 15 (2 hours)

This workshop aims to give attendees practical knowledge on how to write convincing narratives for their games. It is organized around two modules:

  • Techniques to develop professional storytelling
  • Design strategies to implement strong narratives that will blend well with strong gameplay

During the workshop, attendees will develop their story pitch.

Hosted by

Jakub Kukuryk

Playable Ads/HTML5 Game Developer, Mad Chicken Studio

HTML5 Games: The Secret to Creating Lightweight, Web-Ready Games and Their Possibilities

June 14 (1 hour)

In this workshop, delve into the mechanics of HTML5 games using Pixi.js to build a simple 2D game. Uncover the versatility of HTML5 games as a powerful tool for advertising, rapid prototyping, or standalone entertainment. Join us to unlock the potential of HTML5 gaming for your projects and campaigns

Hosted by

Rob Carr

Mission Designer/Senior Sound Designer, Redhill Games

Home made Sound effects

June 14 (1 hour)

A detailed workshop specifically designed to introduce the world of Foley Sound Design. This workshop will introduce attendees to the world of Foley sound, by showing off the use of props, tips and tricks to record top quality SFX for your Game. Attendees will have an opportunity to participate in the creative process of making Sounds in real time examples from how to make footsteps, through to weather and impact sounds.

Hosted by

Alexander Shtachenko


How to create User Experience Flow

June 15 (1 hour)

Today I will give the most popular practical lecture from the author’s course on Game Design. UXFlow (User Journey) is the most important tool in a game designer’s arsenal for communicating with the technical team in describing the operation of the game or its individual components and features.

Hosted by

Chris Murphy

Senior Technical Artist, Epic Games

Getting Started in Technical Art with Unreal Engine

June 15 (2 hours)

Looking to get a leg up in Technical Art? Interested in seeing how to handle it in Unreal Engine? Join Senior Technical Artist Chris Murphy for a whirlwind Technical Art primer covering the fundamentals of the Material Editor, VFX, Procedural Generation and Blueprint in Unreal Engine along with some callouts on tips, tricks and best practices.

Hosted by

Aleksandr Shulyakovskiy

Creative Producer, Wargaming

Million-Player Ad Strategy

June 14 (1 hour)

Unlock your brand’s potential with my step-by-step guide to marketing success: research and analyze data to identify your brand archetype, craft a memorable key message, generate innovative ideas that align with your brand identity, and develop a captivating video concept to captivate your audience.