For developers

Take full advantage of various gaming activities to meet publishers, investors, and platforms, to improve your gameplay, and come into the spotlight.

Submissions for game activities are closed, but you can submit your game on Games Hub as a Virtual Showcase during the Fall event on PINE.




Get featured on Games Hub list of projects (Virtual Showcase alternative) by submitting your game till November 15th. 

Publishers, investors and press are going to be checking this list as it will get extra visibility on PINE platform during the event.

You only need a PRO ticket apply.

Make sure your game is easy to discover at DevGAMM!


Submit your game for the DevGAMM Awards competition to win recognition, media coverage, and money prizes!

Projects submissions for Awards: July 29 – October 1

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The invited streamers pre-select projects out of all submissions and play these games on their Twitch and YouTube channels introducing your project to a broader player audience!

Streams will be held throughout all days of the conference. The number of spots is limited and depends on the streamer’s availability.

Projects submissions for Game Activities: July 29 –  October 1



Public Pitch is a public review of your pitch where publishers and industry experts give their feedback and advice.

The number of spots is limited. The earlier you apply, the higher your chance of being selected.

DevGAMM channel will start to host weekly streams a month before the conference. Experts will comment on video presentations of the approved participants and select choose a winner that will be the one that has more room to grow.

The finalists will join a live stream during the event on November YouTube Playlist

Projects submissions for Game Activities: July 29 –  October 1

Join stream: November 19, 17:00 (МSК)

Public Pitch Experts

Ilya Eremeev
Co-founder and Managing Partner, The Games Fund

Stephen Lee
Head of Business Development, DECA Games

Katerina Burbela
Business Development Manager,  remote control production

Andrei Podoprigora
Executive producer, tinyBuild

Slava Lukyanenka
Senior Producer, CD Projekt RED


Borys Trienin
Business Development Manager, remote control production

Imre Jele
Co-founder \ Creator-In-Chief, Bossa Studios

Elena Lobova
Founder, Achievers Hub

Oleg Zelikman
Business Development Director, META Publishing

Vladyslav Tsypljak
Сo-founder, Neon Doctrine

Olga Voronina
Head of Business Development, Ravenage


Alina Gribanova


Meet with publishers at random 5-minute video calls in the desktop and mobile tracks.

Spots are unlimited; pre-registration is not required.

The schedule will be available in October.

  • Each meeting is 5 minutes long.
  • Join the Speed Game Dating tab on PINE.
  • You need a camera and microphone.
  • You can end a meeting ahead of time if you already know the person or not interested to continue. The system will automatically connect you with the next participant.
  • If there are more developers than publishers in the system, it may take longer to connect you with the next person.
  • You won’t be connected with the same publisher twice within one track.
  • Add your new connections to bookmarks. If the allotted time is not enough, you’ll be able to schedule a meeting at Publisher Cafe later.


Publisher Cafe is a separate list of the most active publishers and investors looking for new projects.

Be proactive: choose the right person and schedule 30-minute meetings on PINE.


Art, Game Design, Marketing and Audio

Have your game thoroughly reviewed in public by experts in the field of game design, art, or marketing.

Watch previous Review Sessions:

The number of spots is limited. The earlier you apply, the more likely your game is to be selected for review.

Projects submissions for Game Activities: July 29 –  October 1

Art Review Experts

Powered by Owl Studio

Ivan Khoroshev
2D/3D Artist, tinyBuild

Vera Velichko
CEO, OWL Studio

Kirill Kharkovsky
3D artist, Owl Studio

Sergey Zubkov
UI designer, Owl Studio

Alexandr Pogrebitskiy
Concept artist , Owl Studio

Eva Vishnevskaia
Art Producer, Owl Studio

Game Design Review Experts

Anton Akhapkin
Associate Producer, Fatshark

Evgeniy Borodyanskiy
Games market analyst, Nexters Boost

Kirill Martynichev
Game director, Tryhard games

Artyom Volkov
Senior Game Designer, Ciliz

Artyom Volkov
Game Design Expert, Game Designer’s Cuffs

Audio Review Experts

Ivan Osipenko
Senior Technical Sound Designer, Saber Interactive

Vlad Plotnikov
Co-Founder, VP Production

Ressa Schwarzwald
Audio Lead, Creative Mobile

Marketing Review Experts

Vadim Rybkin
CMO, Dark Crystal Games

Ekaterina Prikhodko, Marketing Consultant, Epic Games

Egor Matveev
Marketing Manager, Harpy Media

Anna Dyadkova
CMO, Geeky House

Yaroslav Kadyshev
Lead Project Manager, mrktng4

Anastasiya True
Brand Manager, META Publishing

Igor Pospishnyi
Co-founder, GTP Media

Alexey Andreev
Marketing Expert,


For three days, popular game media will live-stream the conference on their channels. The program will feature interviews with DevGAMM Awards nominees, games from the Virtual Showcase, and the ceremony awarding the best games of the event.

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