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Gismart at DevGAMM

DevGAMM is a perfect opportunity for you to connect with Gismart. You’ll be able to find the company at the Gismart booth P4, they will be showcasing their latest games! Gismart will also be holding a special contest that you don’t want to miss. So, if you want to experience Gismart, and connect with the company, DevGAMM is the ideal place to do it. Also, two of Gismart’s leading team members are taking to the stage to share their expert knowledge. On the first day, Olga Kachalina, Gismart’s UX expert, is giving a talk titled ‘How not to bore your player during tutorial?’. She’ll be discussing the fundamental rules of building tutorials in mobile games and how to get it right. Her rich experience in this field makes catching this talk a must! On day two, Ales Nemenionok, one of the company’s leading iOS developers, will be speaking on the additional requirements for apps with real-time audio processing, as well as the difficulties iOS developers can encounter while working on them. Thanks to his experience with two of our industry-leading apps, Karaoke Face and Beat Maker Star, one can be sure you’re learning from one of the best. So, with so much to do and so much to see at DevGAMM, make sure you don’t miss Gismart! For more info about the company’s life visit Gismart’s Instagram.


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