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Art Track at DevGAMM Minsk

This is the most favorite track of our attendees that just love to create art for game projects.. If you’re an artist or an animator these sessions are for you.

Within the Art track, Jason Eyre (Quixel Megascans) will touch on how to build faster art production pipelines using 3D-scans and deliver AAA quality at lower costs. Meanwhile, Vera Velichko (Owl Studio) will talk about marketing art and describe how to find a common point of view with both marketing guys and artists. Ivan Mariev (G5 Entertainment) will tell what the Art Department of Free-to-play project faces after the release or how to create art in case of regular TLE updates.

Also, do you know what is the difference in the development of animation on ‘animation’ projects, such as cartoons, ads and movies, and game projects (indie, AAA)? Well, Aleksander Lukashin (Sperasoft, Keywords studio) is going to delve into this topic. And Alexander Prokopchuk (Vizor Games) will give a talk on his experience with FX map and how he created Perspective FX with it and how it evolved into Spacing FX.

The representatives of Gismart, Advanced Schematics and Octobox Interactive are going to share their experience too.

Join us at DevGAMM Minsk 2018! Dive into the atmosphere of art and level up your skills. Tickets are still on sale.


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