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Early Bird

  • Main Expo
  • All sessions
  • Coffee Breaks & Participants Bag
  • Games Hub Activities
  • Pre-Party & Bye-Bye Mingle
  • Name Only
  • Limited access to PINE meeting system
  • No Official Party
  • No Roundtables with industry experts
  • No Business Lounge access



Early Bird

  • Main Expo
  • All sessions
  • Coffee Breaks & Participants Bag
  • Games Hub Activities
  • Pre-Party & Bye-Bye Mingle
  • Full badge info
  • Full access to PINE meeting system
  • Official Party
  • Roundtables with industry experts
  • Business Lounge access

ID or Passport is required at the conference entrance. You can change the name up to May 14, 13:00.

All SUPER EARLY BIRD tickets cannot be returned from the time of purchase and you cannot change your First Name and Last Name on the badge (transfer to another attendee)

A non-refundable replacement fee, equal to the original purchase amount will apply to all lost, duplicate, misplaced, stolen or forgotten badge requests. If your badge was complimentary, the fee will be the current, on-site rate.

Ticket Type:Super Early Bird
(up to February 9)
Early Bird
(February 10 — March 12)
(March 13 — April 23)
(April 24 – May 15)
   STANDARD$99$139$199$249Up to April 30
   BUSINESS$199$259$339$399Up to April 30
  • After April 28 you won’t be able to pay for tickets through invoice (wire). Only Credit Card, will be available.
  • Invoice payments have a 10 USD surcharge.

How to upgrade a ticket from Standard to Business

To upgrade your Standard ticket to Business, enter the promotional code update_to_business in the ticket purchase widget on this page, fill in all the required information and follow the instructions from the email.

What is the additional payment amount you will have to pay

If you purchased a Standard ticket at the Early Bird price, you will get a Business ticket at the Early Bird price too. Price for Regular and Late Bird tickets will be calculated on the same principle.

The ticket price widget will display the default price ($ 399). It will be changed after filling out the form. Under the link to pay, you will see the current cost of the surcharge.

Promotional code discount

If you used a promotional code for a Standard ticket, this percentage of the discount will be applied for a Business ticket.

When is the deadline?

You can upgrade Standard to Business ticket until May 12, inclusive.

  • Late Bird tickets can not be returned but you can change a name on a badge.
  • The tickets bought after April 30 can not be returned.
  • All refund requests sent/submitted after April 30 will be invalid.
  • Return fee at the rate of 12.5% shall be paid by the buyer.

We provide 15% group discount if you buy 10 tickets or more. Discount is not valid for Early Bird.

Please contact us for details.

Media Accreditation

The accreditation grants the right to freely access DevGAMM, receive assets and press releases, and attend any events within the conference that do not require special invitation.

Become a Volunteer

Would you like to become a part of DevGAMM and attend the conference free of charge? Become a volunteer! We need active, energetic and responsible assistants.

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