DevGAMM Poker Tournament

First annual game industry poker tournament

What is DevGAMM Poker Tournament?

No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament that will use Knockout format (without rebuy). The number of slots is limited up to 50 people.

When & Where?


November 14

Registration starts from 06:00 PM
Poker Tournament starts at 07:00 PM


Cotton Hall, Storojevskaya St. 15a, Minsk

The location of Pre-Party

Terms of participation

  • Attendees with all badge types can take part DevGAMM the Poker Tournament
  • If you don’t have a ticket to DevGAMM Minsk 2018, you will be refused to participate
  • The participation in Poker Tournament is paid separately – $ 99
  • The number of slots is limited up to 50 people
  • All Poker Tournament participants should register in Belarusian Federation of Sports Poker (on-site registration, it will take 1 minute),
    the fee is included in the participation cost

This tournament is supported by Belarusian Federation of Sports Poker.

NB! The tickets to Poker Tournament are non-refundable but you can give your ticket to other DevGAMM attendee.

No Limit Texas Hold’em, Freezout

Starting stake: 10.000
The increase of blinds: 15 minutes

1 50-100 (100)
2 75-150 (150)
3 100-200 (200)
4 150-300 (300)


5 200-400 (400)
6 300-600 (600)
7 400-800 (800)
8 500-1.000 (1.000)
9 700-1.400 (1.400)


10 1.000-2.000 (2.000)
11 1.500-3.000 (3.000)
12 2.000-4.000 (4.000)
13 3.000-6.000 (6.000)
14 4.000-8.000 (8.000)
15 6.000-12.000 (12.000)
16 8.000-16.000 (16.000)

The poker tournament lasts 4-4,5 hours


The prize fund is going to be organized but it depends on the number of participants. It will be announced at the tournament. 

The winner will be rewarded on November 16 in Red Hall right after Game Roast.

The champion will get a trophy – a silver bracelet which is going to become a traditional Poker Tournament symbol.

The bracelet was designed by Partizzzany advertising agency.

Poker Tournament Sponsors

Crazy Panda


Crazy Panda is one of the leading mobile and social game developers in Russia. The company was founded in 2010, and has, over the past few years, cooked up its own recipe for success and its own style, while working with some of the most talented specialists in the field and thorough market analysis have helped Crazy Panda become one of the largest players in the international gaming industry.
With an extensive range of titles under its belt, Crazy Panda’s games are enjoyed by more than 150 million players around the world. The company continues to develop and support its games and communities, including its most popular titles, World Poker Club and The Household, as well as new mobile projects such as Pirate Tales: Battle For Treasure and Stellar Age that are already doing great in the global games market, while still only setting off on their journey to complete stardom.
Crazy Panda’s games are available in 13 languages and on most of the local and global platforms, including Facebook, App Store, Google Play,,, and others.
A little crazy never hurt nobody!



tinyBuild GAMES is an indie developer & publisher known for Hello Neighbor, Graveyard Keeper, Pathologic 2, Party Hard, and more. Publishing and porting indie games across PC, mobile, and consoles. Looking to help more indie game developers.

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