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The Story of Casper Dragon: New Mascot of DevGAMM

We’re always in search of a new conference hero. This time we wanted to change the course from fluffy creatures to a self-sufficing dragon! To top it off, our awesome DevGAMM community helped us to choose a name for a mascot. We asked for help at our Telegram-chat, and everyone who had cool ideas shared them with us. After that, we made a poll and chose a name within our team. So, please welcome Casper — a new DevGAMM mascot! 🙂

Our mascot was created by great artists from outsourcing studio Gamepack! It’s founder, Ruslan Zelensky, was a common artist with a big dream — open his own gaming studio. And soon it will definitely come true 🙂

And, right, you’re thinking now “why did they choose a dragon?” The thing is that the guys from Gamepack like monsters a lot, therefore they started to create draft variants.

The stages of mascot design

First mascot sketches and ideas

The artists chose the best variants and started to work on color sketches.

The next step was to find the right character and work on several color versions. After that, it was important to create the right poses for each gaming activity of the conference, as our mascot should reflect the main idea.

Trace drawing of mascot poses

The final iteration of mascot

Gamepack artists researched a lot of different prototypes. But they couldn’t find only one, therefore they had a lot of references. Here are some of them.

What kind of a dragon Casper is?

Consider Casper a gamer from the world of dragons (why not)! But he is actually the only one who loves games in his inner circle. All other dragons prefer to go for a hunt or into hibernation 🙂

Will you advise other artists to design future mascots for DevGAMM?

It was a great opportunity to create Mascot for DevGAMM Minsk 2019. We’re also very glad that Casper will bring a lot of joy to all the conference attendees. If you always wanted but was very shy to ask about mascot design — feel free to ping Lerika on Facebook and send a couple of sketches, as we did 🙂 And everything will be awesome! Good luck friends!

Guys, if you want to become our next author of DevGAMM mascots and get new art experience – contact us at

PS: make sure to download our awesome Telegram stickers with Casper 🙂

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