Full session info will be available by November 1st.

November 20

Day 0

10:00 — 18:00 Build up (exhibitors only)
18:00 — 22:00 Badge Pick-Up Pre-Party

November 21

Day 1

09:00 — 18:00 Registration
10:10 — 18:00 Sessions
11:15 — 13:30 Speed Game Dating
13:30 — 15:30 Lunch break
15:00 — 18:15 Roundtables
20:00 — 00:00 Official Party

November 22

Day 2

10:00 — 16:00 Registration
11:00 — 17:30 Sessions
13:15 — 15:00 Lunch break
14:30 — 15:00 Quest Ruffle 
17:30 — 18:30 Game Roast
18:30 — 19:15 DevGAMM Awards
19:15 — 21:00 Bye-Bye Mingle




Secret Neighbor: Postmortem

Alex Nichiporchik, CEO, tinyBuild

A deep-dive into the design of a social horror game for kids

Alex Nichiporchik founded tinyBuild in 2011 to make video games. The company has since then worked on games like SpeedRunners, Punch Club, Hello Neighbor, Party Hard, and more – in most of which Alex acts as a producer from the publishing side.


10 steps for successful M&A deal

Cvetan Rusimov, COO, Imperia Online JSC

In September 2018 Imperia Online was acquired by Stillfront Group in a deal that could goes up to 27.5 million euro. As COO, Cvetan was the guy involved in the process from Day Zero. He will walk you through the whole deal from the company preparation, choosing the right partner, through the whole negotiation process, to the internal announcement.

Cvetan Rusimov is the COO of Imperia Online. Cvetan is a member of the IMGA, NGDC & PG Indie Pitch Jury. Adviser at global game accelerator Game Founders. He is а games industry professional with 18 years’ experience. Joining Imperia Online, he raised a team of nine to a 32-million dollar company.


Do Not Feed the Monkeys: Expanding the Target of Narrative-Driven Games

Luis Olivan, Producer, Fictiorama Studios

This talk will focus on how Fictiorama approached the narrative and game design of “Do Not Feed the Monkeys” to make it attractive to more players than its first game, “Dead Synchronicity”. The way these elements affected development and the strategies used to address the consequences of those changes will be discussed in detail.

Luis Olivan is one of the co-founders, and the Producer and PR Manager of Fictiorama Studios. The company, focused on narrative-driven games, has developed two games so far: Dead Synchronicity and the DevGamm awarded Do Not Feed the Monkeys.

Platon Fomichev

Porting existing Windows titles to macOS & iOS using Metal 2.x API

Platon Fomichev, CTO, Elverils, LLC
Rostislav Mikheev, Chief Graphics Engineer, Elverils LLC

This session will focus on porting specifics of DX11/Vulkan renderers and Windows codebase into macOS & iOS operating systems using Metal API. Real-life examples will be provided as well as a demo of existing top tier title render frame dissection with tips and best practices for transitioning titles to Metal.

Platon Fomichev is the CTO of Elverils, LLC. In his 20 year career he has worked on numerous low-level cross-platform projects including games for Larian Studios and Saber Interactive. He has steadily positioned Elverils LLC as one of the top players among porting houses in the world.

Rostislav is one of the top specialists in graphics engine porting from one architecture to another. Having worked with PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch, macOS, Linux and other platforms he possesses an exceptional amount of knowledge about graphics, algorithms and optimisation techniques

Game Design


Workflow of Creating Game UX/UI Design

Andrey Taliashvili, UI/UX Designer, Gameloft

I’ll show a industry success proven workflow of UI/UX design creating for any type of game with examples.

5 years experience at game industry. Successfuly worked on various genre projects: Life is Feudal: Your Own, My Little Pony, Minion Rush, Gangstar Vegas.


How survival mode changed WH SpaceWolf

Anton Zinovev, Game Designer, Herocraft

Anton will tell us how did implementation of survival mode to TBT WH SpaceWolf not just affected to project and helped to preserve community for a long time period without any updates, but also improved diversity of future PvE content.

Anton Zinovev is Game Designer with more than 9 years of experience in game design for TBT and TBS games, PC and Mobile platforms. He have participated in these projects: Kings Bounty: CrossWorlds, Kings Bounty Legions, Music Wars, and Herocraft’s project – WH 40000: SpaceWolf.

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