November 20

Day 0

10:00 — 18:00 Build up (exhibitors only)
18:00 — 22:00 Badge Pick-Up Pre-Party
18:00 — 00:00 Poker Tournament


November 21

Day 1

09:00 — 18:00 Registration
10:10 — 18:00 Sessions
11:15 — 13:30 Speed Game Dating
13:30 — 15:30 Lunch break
15:00 — 18:15 Roundtables
16:00 — 18:00 Xplore China Track
20:00 — 00:00 Official Party

November 22

Day 2

10:00 — 16:00 Registration
11:00 — 17:30 Sessions
13:15 — 15:00 Lunch break
14:30 — 15:00 Quest Ruffle 
17:30 — 18:30 Game Roast
18:30 — 19:15 DevGAMM Awards
19:15 — 21:00 Bye-Bye Mingle


Special Events

Pre-registration is required

Xplore China Track

16:00-16:05 Welcome Speech

16:05-16:25 Mobvista Speech
Ilya Gitlin, Senior Business Development Manager, Mobvista

16:25-16:45 Seize the opportunity in China mobile market with Ocean Engine
Leo He & Hosea He, Senior Manager of Client Partnership, Ocean Engine

16:45-17:05 AppsFlyer Speech
Pavel Livshits,  Business Development Manager Russia & CIS, AppsFlyer

17:05-17:25 China first: Growing hyper-casual games in Asian market
Tamara Feiman, Business Development and Publishing Manager, Gismart

17:25-17:55 Panel:Challenges of Entering and Sustaining Growth in China

17:55-18:00 Thank You Speech

18:00-19:00 Networking 

Exclusive Event: Xplore China Track

Join the first Xplore China Track at DevGAMM, learn how to work with games on China market and enjoy the networking mingle afterward. It takes place in a beautiful and very comfortable Cinema Hall. Follow the lines to reach Falcon Club 3rd floor.

The number of spots is limited.

Only two hours of unique, focused and insightful talks. Stay a little longer after the talks for drinks, buffet and a discussion of China market prospects. 

The track starts at 4pm. The networking part starts at 6pm.

Fill in this form so we know that you are interested in joining the track.

Investor Pitch Review

Try out a new format at DevGAMM!
Meet investment analyst and executive producer to get feedback on your pitch and game product.

Every meeting will take 20 minutes.
The number of spots is limited.

It doesn’t matter whether you already have an investor or publisher, whether you are now looking for funding or not.

Join if you want to learn how the investment works and improve your pitch.
This event is meant only as a consulting activity to benefit developers.

One-To-One Review with iOS experts

Apply for one-to-one 30-minute meetings with iOS experts before November 15. There are going to review your projects, answer questions and provide feedback.
When & Where: Pink Hall, November 21, from 11:15 pm to 6:00 pm.

If you have a new game and want to explore new opportunities, please feel free to make a submission.

Pre-registration is required, and the number of appointment slots is limited.  

Optimizing iOS games built with Unity or Unreal Engine

 Number of spots is limited.

In this workshop we are going to focus on improving quality and performance of Unity-based and UE-based titles on Metal. We will go through the project settings and different options flag, discuss and show you the impact on the performance and quality on Apple GPUs, and come up with a set of recommendations.
Some of the topics to cover (but not limited to) are: increasing fillrate, texture compression, bandwidth reduction, memory allocations, frame pacing and leveraging Xcode tools such as GPU Frame Debugger and Metal System Trace in Instruments.
We will lead by live tooling example, so by the end of this workshop you will have clear understanding over what are the options to balance quality versus performance and how to achieve best sustainable performance in gameplay. 

Introduction to advanced rendering in Metal

In this workshop we are going to focus on A-Series GPUs. We will discuss TBDR acrhitecture found in these GPUs and follow graphics pipeline from the application to the display, with the focus on real workloads and modern rendering techniques. We will also highlight how using Xcode and Instruments tools.

We start with explaining A-series GPUs architecture, showcasing A11, A12 and A13 GPUs and features.
We then go and discuss how build efficient single-pass tiled forward and deferred renderers completely on GPU.

We will explain in detail the tools Xcode gives you, and how to look into CPU and GPU submissions, encoders execution times and detailed statistics and how to debug and profile shaders on the fly.

Finally we will conclude with a live tooling session and go through one of the titles with bespoken Metal engine, so by the end of this workshop you will know how to get the most out of A-Series GPUs and Metal to bring the best quality content and modern techniques to iOS.



Secret Neighbor: Postmortem

Alex Nichiporchik, CEO, tinyBuild


10 steps for successful M&A deal

Cvetan Rusimov, COO, Imperia Online JSC


Do Not Feed the Monkeys: Expanding the Target of Narrative-Driven Games

Luis Olivan, Producer, Fictiorama Studios

Porting existing games to Apple Metal API. Case study: Divinity Original Sin 2 engine.

Adrian Vershinin

Game Writers: Why Get One and What to Do Next

Adrian Vershinin, Writer

Jay Britton

So, you're considering using a voice actor?

Jay Britton, Voice Actor

Game Design


Developing accessibility features in Far Cry: New Dawn

Ivan Kulbych, Lead Game Designer, Ubisoft


Workflow of Creating Game UX/UI Design

Andrey Taliashvili, UI/UX Designer, Gameloft


How survival mode changed WH SpaceWolf

Anton Zinovev, Game Designer, Herocraft


When Random is too Random

Hendrik Demmer, Engineer, Independent


Between two fires: narrative through game design

Kirill Zolovkin, Gripper (Action RPG), OctoBox Interactive


Genres synergy as a way to success on the example of Funky Bay

Michael Skorodumov, Lead GD, Belka Games

Mikhail Dragovalovskii

How to organize game design department in a right way

Mikhail Dragovalovskii, Executive Producer, BANZAI GAMES

Game Design and Programming. Stirred not Shaken.


Game Design Review

Hosted by Svyatoslav Torik, Product Vision Expert, Research & Development, Wargaming

Technology & Development

Alëna Ponomarenko

Toon-shaders and How to Make Them

Alena Ponomarenko, Game Engine Programmer, W4 Project

Maksim Tiganov

The safeguarding of player profile data: the case of Robot Warfare from Azur Games

Maksim Tiganov, Senior Server Developer, Azur Games

Sergey Orlov

CI: Meow or Never

Sergey Orlov, Technical Director, Playrix

Unity Sessions

Fabrice Lété

DOTS - Unity meets Data Oriented Design

Fabrice Lété, Software Developer, Unity Technologies

Alexander Tuzhik

Serialization approach at Encased

Alexander Tuzhik, Lead Programmer, Dark Crystal Games

Alina Chupakhina

Automatic layouts and styles in Unity: our new pipeline and UI tools

Alina Chupakhina,  Unity Developer, Pixonic

Publishing a Unity based Title on mobile, PC and consoles

Dmitry Koblyk

Network traffic optimization in Tacticool

Dmitry Koblyk, CTO, Panzerdog

Kirill Nadezhdin

Unity Scriptable Render Pipeline - diving into scriptable customization

Kirill Nadezhdin, Tech, SWAG MASHA

Roman Tersky

Physics in Unity-projects: Shadow Fight 3 developer story.

Roman Tersky, Lead Technical Artist, Banzai Games

Sergey Kormishin

Shader magic: Breakdown of popular visual effects for games

Sergey Kormishin, Rendering Engineer, Sperasoft, a Keywords studio

Sergey Klimenko

Unity DOTS RTS Case Study

Sergey Klimenko, Lead Developer, Moonlight Mouse

Unreal Engine Sessions

Vladimir Alyamkin

UE4 Developer Gentleman’s Set

Vladimir Alyamkin, Lead UE4 developer, Pushkin Studio (MY.GAMES)

UE4 Graphics Optimization Overview

Vladimir Alyamkin_new

Creating a mobile game interface in UE4

Andrey Pekarskiy, UI Designer, Sperasoft

Ilya Gainulin

Static code analysis of the projects built on Unreal Engine

Ilya Gainulin, C# Developer, PVS-Studio

Vladimir Shirshov

Kings Bounty 2: Tools and tech for open world game

Vladimir Shirshov, Technical Leader, 1C Entertainment

Konstantin Zhukov

Development features of action games, including prototyping and adaptation of the classic mechanics for PC / MMO

Konstantin Zhukov, CTO, Sargos Games

Indie & Game Postmortems


Things you should know if you plan to ship a game

Alex Rose, Director, Alex Rose Games

Alexey Testov

Tale about pain: INMOST postmortem

Alexey Testov, CEO, Hidden Layer Games

Artem Kuriavchenko

Worldwide Multi-platform Submit of an Indie-game (PC, PS4, XB1, Switch)

Artem Kuriavchenko, Executive Producer, Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC

Nikolay Armonik

How to make an indie hit

Nikolay Armonik, owner, Aterdux Entertainment

Yurа Liapin

A Postmortem on the Development of "Wildscapes"

Yurа Liapin, Project manager, Playrix

Anton Mikhailov

How Spaceland got into first wave of Apple Arcade games

Anton Mikhailov, Co-Founder, Creative Director, Tortuga Team

Art & Visuals

Aleksander Danilov

From artist to Head of Art – career path in game development

Aleksander Danilov, Head of Art , Playgendary

Artiom Korsakov

Animations on discount: creation of procedural animations for a first-person shooter

Artiom Korsakov, Lead Technical Game Designer, Vizor Games

Eugeny Molotskiy

Optimization of the animation pipeline for AAA projects in the CIS

Eugeny Molotskiy, Lead Animator, 1C Entertainment

Evgeniya Morozova

Concept art in mobile midcore projects: how to design a world, an Azur Games case

Evgeniya Morozova, Environment Concept Artist, Azur Games

Ilya Krutikhin

From 3D Scan to Real-Time Character

Ilya Krutikhin, Art Director,

Marya Yartseva

Feedback as guide to action

Marya Yartseva, Art Director, G5 Entertainment

Vera Velichko

Be the fire that never burns out

Vera Velichko, CEO / Art Director, Owl Studio

Viktor Manin

How to create a cinematic quality game trailer

Viktor Manin, CEO / Director,
Anvil Frame Studio

Arvydas Brazdeikis

Painless UI: Live Demo by Game Insight

Arvydas Brazdeikis, Lead UI/UX Designer, Game Insight



Synthesis in game audio. Methods of resynthesis real and artificial textures in World of Tanks.

Aleksandr Khilko, Sound Designer, Wargaming

Ivan Osipenko

World War Z - Audio Postmortem

Ivan Osipenko, Lead Sound Designer, Saber Interactive

Peter Salnikov

Making A Decent Soundtrack With Less Than Nothing By Your Side

Peter Salnikov, Spiritual Healer, Sounds Goose

Business & Marketing

Alena Smychkina

Marketing Research: our in-depth interviews experience

Alena Smychkina, RnD Analyst / Audience Research Manager, Wargaming Group Ltd

Andrei Podoprigora

Indie teams' growing pains: do's and dont's

Andrei Podoprigora, Executive Producer, tinyBuild

Artur Davydenko

"Next Level Growth: Growing your game with Ads"

Artur Davydenko, Business Development Manager, Google

Christopher Hamilton

The Future of E-Sports and Interactive Livestreaming

Christopher Hamilton, Developer Relations, Genvid Technologies

Eugene Trufanov

Marketability - what is really matters for mobile game's success

Eugene Trufanov, CEO, Indigo Bunting

Self publishing backed by investor. A Zillion Whales case

Kirill Perevozchikov

Best free PR tools to launch your game

Kirill Perevozchikov, Director, White Label PR

Thomas Dubreuil

How to make successful games in a probability market

Thomas Dubreuil, Product Manager – Internal Studios, Voodoo


Sidechat with CEO: 10 years of Game Insight and Beyond

Anatoly Ropotov, CEO, Game Insight

Kristina Lasenko

Gaming Holiday Playbook

Kristina Lasenko, Activation Client Partner, Global Gaming, Facebook

Valentin Rudnitsky

Find more of the right users with Google ads: best practices for Gaming

Valentin Rudnitsky, Account Manager in Gaming, Central Eastern Europe, Google


Mao Sugiyama

Introduction to publishing on the Nintendo Switch

Mao Sugiyama, Business Development Manager, Nintendo

Evgeny Polotnyanko

Success stories and fails on OK.RU Who really manages to earn money?

Evgeny Polotnyanko, Head of Gaming Platform, OK.RU


Oleg Medved

How to fill up your product backlog

Oleg Medved, Live Ops Manager, Plarium

Security risks of cheating in online games


Desktop-like Games. How and why?

Andrew Kokhan, CEO, NightCat Games

Discussion Panel: Game Producing As a Turn-based Strategy

We will talk about the main problems that a producer faces in his work, share stories for our practice, talk about producer tools, methods for solving typical and non-trivial tasks. Emphasis will be placed on the practical experience of speakers and their companies. Our guests will speak out from different positions: from publishing, to development, from a huge company of hundreds of employees, to an indie developer.


Konstantin Sakhnov, Managing Partner, Datcroft Games


Alexander Devyaterikov, Producer, Belka Games


Andrey Kuznetsov, Indie Developer


Ivan Pomytkin, Producer, 1С Entertainment


Mike Rafiienko, Game Producer, tinyBuild GAMES


Aleksei Gribanov

Video Games & Personal Data

Aleksei Gribanov, Head of Intellectual Property & Information Technology, Borenius Russia, Borenius

Alexander Solopov

You can create a market for two-handed swords, blasters, or Martian beetles. But what for?

Alexander Solopov, Attorney at Law, Arzinger & Partners

Anton Endresyak

Why do you not need "trademarks" to protect your game

Anton Endresyak, Senior Associate, CLAIMS


What is necessary for a successful M&A transaction from a legal point of view

Alexander Bondar, Partner, SBH Law Offices

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Content Producer