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Our team

Lerika Mallayeva

CEO & Founder

Strategy and unique forms of cooperation.

Questions about keynote sessions, panels, and Roundtables

Phil Rumak

Head of Partnerships

Strategic partnerships and business relationships with sponsors.

Irma Harlann

Sales & Partner Manager

E-mail: harlann@devgamm.com
Telegram: neonrocket
Phone: +375 29 770-45-97

Sales and sponsor management.

Nikita Ivanov

Content Manager

E-mail: ivanov@devgamm.com
Telegram: nivano
Phone: +7 977 528-56-42

Speakers and sessions management.

Alina Husevyk

Head of Games

Developer & Publisher relations, Games Hub activities.

E-mail: oleynikova@devgamm.com
Telegram: Eria9
Phone: +380 50 762-94-29

Questions concerning media partnerships and press registration.

Anton Shashura

PR & Marketing Manager

Oversees marketing and social media campaigns.

Sergey Chernobrivets

Finance Director

All questions concerning the payments and contracts.

Julia Shmyrova

Marketing Director

Marketing strategy and brand development.

Dmitry Krech

Production Manager

Logistics and contractors coordination.

Research, planning, and implementing new ideas for the event.

Lina Rykhlytskaya

Graphic Designer

E-mail: rykhlitskaya@devgamm.com
Telegram: alina4r
Phone: +380 97 501-76-83

Website management and promo materials development.