Our goal at DevGAMM is to help developers get their games noticed, collect feedback, and find new business opportunities. Submit your game to get the attention it deserves.

Join over a hundred teams to take advantage of different game activities and meet publishers or investors, connect to platforms, improve core gameplay and make a name.


Deadline: October 20

Public Pitch 2.0

Deadline: October 20

Present your game to the publishers and the audience, and get feedback on your pitch.

The number of spots is limited to fifteen.

In case you are selected, we will kindly ask you to send us your video pitch (5-7 min).

Part one: Publishers review fifteen video pitches on stage on Week One.

Part two: The best five will get the opportunity to present the updated pitch live to the publishers and take part in a Q&A session on Week Two.


Deadline: November 3

Take part in Virtual showcase at DevGAMM and present your game to everyone.

You will get your own virtual booth!


Deadline: November 3

This is an online game showcase as seen by the eyes of streamers.

We pre-select projects from the Games Hub depending on the streamers’ favorite genres.

Games will be played by the streamers on their personal channels on YouTube and Twitch. We will put the links in the PINE Platform.


Deadline: October 20

Within a few one-hour sessions, the experts explain what can be improved at several pre-selected games. They dissect features, point out the untapped potential of the metagame and monetization, and tell about other drawbacks. Ergo, the feedback remains constructive and developers get knowledge-based options to solve the problems.


Deadline: October 20

In this series of 30-minute sessions, professional artists take a deep dive into the art component of the pre-selected games. They check the relevance of the art style for the target audience and provide the overall feedback on how to improve it.

Marketing Review

Deadline: October 20

During an online panel discussion, the experts review the marketing side of the several pre-selected games. They evaluate marketing strategy and assets and recommend how to make them work better


Deadline: October 20

Within a few 30 minutes sessions, experts will evaluate the audio quality of pre-selected games and share recommendations on how to improve it.

NB! All review sessions are public. They will be viewed by the DevGAMM 2020 attendees and even wider audience of
DevGAMM YouTube channel.

 You need STANDARD or BUSINESS tickets to take part in game activities!


Schedule of all gaming activities can be found here after the deadline.


Slava Lukyanenka
Producer, CD Projekt RED

Vladimir Piskunov
CEO/CTO of Bitbox Ltd.

Samuel Lee
Founding Partner and COO, Kowloon Nights

Svyatoslav Torick
Product Vision Expert, Wargaming R&D

Vera Velichko
CEO, Owl Studio

Oleg Pridiuk
Developer Relations

Stephen Lee
Head of Business Development, DECA Games

Alena Ponomarenko
Engine Programmer Ciliz://W4

Philipp Döschl
Co-Founder / Executive Producer, FDG Entertainment

Aleksandr Kutehov

Steve Thornton
Lead Games Designer

Marina Goncharova
Developer Relations Account Manager, Gaming CIS at Nvidia