PINE is an online event platform that has it all. Meetings, talks, virtual expo, random networking, and more!

Here’s an overview of what you can do with PINE.


Everyone who has a ticket gets access to PINE. Once you buy a ticket, you get an email from PINE ( with your unique access. You will be able to log in only with the email you indicated during the ticket buying process.

Every account on PINE is personal and two people cannot enter the platform simultaneously using one email.

If you did not receive PINE access after you’ve bought a ticket, email us at  

To get the full experience, we recommend using an internet browser, preferably Chrome.

You can use the mobile app as a companion, to schedule meetings, chat and bookmark sessions, but you won’t be able to conduct video calls
or watch talks with it.

Video Meetings

Host all your meetings in PINE! There’s no need for other matchmaking tools or video conference software. You can read more information on the Networking page and address a detailed guide in the FAQ section within PINE.

Make sure you have your webcam and microphone for video meetings. You need to provide access to them with your browser.

Getting around PINE

Here you can find information about all the PINE menu tabs



Schedule of the conference sessions. Add to bookmarks everything you don’t want to miss! And don’t forget to rank the sessions once they are over.


A list of speakers. Visit the speaker’s profile to find the time of their session. You can also add speakers to bookmarks or set up meetings.


This is where all the conference sessions will take place. Make sure to ask the speakers all your questions!

Off-record Q&A

Special rooms for chatting with speakers after the session and asking questions off the video record. This option is only available to STANDARD and BUSINESS ticket holders.


Closed discussions with game industry experts, where everyone at the table takes part in the debate. Will not be video recorded. Featuring up to 10 participants, pre-registration required (only during the second week on November 16-20). This option is only available to BUSINESS and SPEAKER ticket holders

Industry Expo

Virtual sponsor booths with a chat and list of their representatives. Please note: booths will also host various online activities (sessions, project pitches, etc.). Check the schedule of every booth.


Virtual Showcase

A virtual expo of gaming projects. You can view game trailers, download a demo (if available), have a chat with developers, and schedule a meeting with them.

Game Carnival by UE

A virtual world-expo featuring games from Unreal Engine Developers Contest, allowing you to be a character in a 3D world. For more details, read the corresponding FAQ section.


My Meetings

Schedule of your meetings. First off, block the time slots when you’re not available for meetings. You will be able to have meetings in the form of video calls in PINE. For more details, read the corresponding FAQ section.


A list of our sponsors who look forward to meeting you.


A list of mentors who will take part in Mentors Dialogue on November 9-13. Feel free to set up meetings with mentors, they’ll be happy to give their advice on any matter. For more details, read the corresponding FAQ section.

Publisher Cafe

A list of vetted publishers and investors that are actively looking for projects. Available from November 16 to 20.


A list of all the companies attending the conference (you can edit information about your company).


A list of all the attendees (you can also switch to Incognito mode in your profile to keep yourself hidden from the list).

Attendee Cards

Cards of attendees. Make sure to create one for yourself to gain more exposure.

Event chat

Public chats for attendees. Introduce yourself and write about yourself to Meet & Greet chat. Send all your questions about the event and PINE platform to Help chat.

Random Networking

A series of 5-minute one-on-one random meetings between you and other conference attendees.

Online Party

Online parties that will be thrown on November 13 and 20. For more details, read the corresponding FAQ section.

Career Wall

A virtual wall with up-to-date vacancies in the game industry. Available on inGameJob portal from November 9 to 24.


We’ve addressed the most popular questions in a special help section

If you are experiencing problems with PINE, you can do several things:

  • Write a chat message in the Help section of the Event Chat tab
  • Report bugs at Give Feedback menu in your Profile

Email us directly at