Mentors Dialogue

Mentors Dialogue is a unique format of communication with game industry specialists. During a one-on-one session, you’ll get a chance to ask professionals from the industry of interest any questions you want.

Mentors Dialogue will take place during the first week of DevGAMM 2020 from November 9 to 13.

How does Mentors Dialogue work?

You arrange 30-minute online meetings with selected experts to get feedback on your project, tips for kickstarting your career, or advice on any burning issue.

There are over 40 mentors from Roblox, Zeptolab, Nival,, 101XP, Wargaming, Xsolla, Owlcat Games, Electronic Arts, and other companies. They will be divided based on their expertise profile into game design, art, sound, development, technology, production, publishing, and game operation.


Any attendee can receive professional answers as to:

  • Where do I find investment for development?
  • How do I build a development strategy for my studio?
  • Which visual style best fits my game?
  • What career options do I have in game design?

Only attendees with STANDARD and BUSINESS tickets can participate in Mentors Dialogue.

NB: We’d like to remind you that the holders of:

  • BUSINESS  tickets – have an unlimited number of meetings;
  • STANDARD tickets – have 5 meetings;
  • BASIC tickets – have no access to meetings.

Sponsor of Mentors Dialogue

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