Publisher Cafe

By Belka Games

A cozy place to meet with publishers and investors who are in search of new projects. Check the list of contacts and set up 30-minute calls.

! Publisher Cafe will be open for DevGAMM 2020 attendees on November 9-20 in PINE platform.

Benefits for publishers

  • you will get featured at the conference;
  • you will receive a lot more meeting requests from developers;
  • you will discover new cool projects

Publishers holding a BUSINESS ticket can participate for free. During the purchase of a ticket, please specify that you want to take part in Publisher Cafe:

Benefits for developers

  • you will get quick access to the list of vetted contacts of publishers and investors;
  • you will obtain the contacts of participants who are actively looking for new projects and cooperation;
  • you will be able to set up 30-minute one-on-one meetings with publishers and investors (and bring your colleagues to the call).

Only developers with STANDARD and BUSINESS tickets can participate in Publisher Cafe.

NB: We’d like to remind you that the holders of:

  • BUSINESS tickets have an unlimited number of meetings;
  • STANDARD tickets  have 5 meetings;
  • BASIC tickets have no access to meetings.

Belka Games

Publisher Cafe Sponsor

Belka Games is a game developer and publisher operating since 2010, one of the fastest growing companies in the industry with offices in several cities and countries.

We take a data-driven and team-oriented approach, which has enabled the company to keep growing in both audience and product metrics. Each of more than 300 team members feels his or hers contribution to the company’s success. This approach enabled Belka Games to grow 16x in revenues over the past 2.5 years.

Clockmaker and Funky Bay are 2 flagships of the company with more than 4 mln users playing monthly. Several new projects, including midcore ones, are gearing up to outrank the flaghip metrics. For instance, Solitaire Cruise released globally October 1st, 2020 and is already among TOP-3 grossing solitaires in US.

Belka Games always welcomes talented programmers, game designers, analysts, and other professionals to work on casual or midcore projects that are both in active development and production. The company is opening new offices in Ukraine, Russia, Cyprus, Lithuania, and plans to expand its geographic footprint: team members can work remotely and salaries are fixed to the US dollar.

We’d be glad to share our expertise with studios working on mobile projects. We’re sure we have a lot to discuss. Let’s mingle!