DevGAMM Awards

Is a prestigious game competition within DevGAMM conference. All judges are the gaming industry professionals. The event is held twice a year.

Deadline: TBA

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The DevGAMM Awards undergo some changes. Wait for updates in the coming days.


There are 9 Awards nominations in total. You choose by yourself to what nomination you want to submit your game (minimum 1 nomination). You can change your nomination before the game submission deadline. The final decision of the jury is not subject to appeal!

$30,000 prize fund is sponsored by Unreal Engine, tinyBuild, Royal Ark and Game Gears

Grand Prize – $6,000

the main award

Best Desktop Game – $3,500​

desktop, and online games

Best Mobile Game – $3,500​

games for mobile devices

Best Hyper Casual Game – $3,000​

 hyper casual games for any platform

Best Indie Game – $3,500​

nomination for indie-games

Excellence in Game Design – $3,500​

evaluated by game designers

Excellence in Audio – $3,500​

evaluated by sound designers

Excellence in Narrative – $3,500​

evaluated by narrative designers

Excellence in Art – $3,500​

evaluated by artists

How to take part?

  • Buy ticket for DevGAMM (BUSINESS or STANDARD)
  • Submit your game no later than (TBA) using your ticket number
  • Your game will be reviewed by our judges
  • Nominees will be announced a week before DevGAMM
  • Visit DevGAMM Awards ceremony on November 20
  • Gain recognition, win money prizes!


  • Submissions are free, but you must have a ticket to the conference
    (1 game = 1 ticket)
  • All the games (regardless of a studio size) are evaluated on a common basis
  • You can change your submission before the game submissions deadline

Game release (see the description below) – Game was released no later than a year ago (not earlier than (TBA))

Team size – Any

Having publisher or investor – Is allowed

Game is a sequel – Is allowed


– Desktop (Windows\Mac)
– Mobile (iOS, Android)
– Desktop VR
– Mobile VR

Play Video

Having playable build

– Link to website/page if it is an online game
– Link to build (only Dropbox or Google Drive)
– Steam codes if it is a paid game on Steam  
– AppStore/Google Play (TestFlight or redeem codes if it is a paid game)
– Games without build will not be accepted!

Stages – Alpha version and higher, prototypes are not accepted


The additional condition of Best Indie Game nomination is that you must own 100% of your IP and you should have an “indie spirit”. The organizers reserve the right to remove a game without any explanation.


Apart from official game release, released games are games that use monetization.


  • Game sale in Early Access on Steam
  • Collecting donations on Patreon
  • Sale of in-game items
  • Monetization through advertising
  • Gamejolt, and other resources if there’s monetization (if there’s no monetization than it’s allowed)
  • Soft Launch on mobile devices in one of the regions with any ways of monetization
  • Sale of game access on your website including closed or open beta-test

If a game is available on its website or services as without ways of monetization than we do not consider it as a release.


Each DevGAMM Awards we invite game industry professionals to participate in the evaluation of projects through our automated judging system. For instance, artists, game designers, narrative designers, programmers, producers, testers, publishers, journalists, CEOs of gaming companies and so on.

Requirements for judges:

  • Judge should have minimum 3 years of work experience in the gaming industry
  • Judge shouldn’t be involved in any of the projects that are submitted to DevGAMM Awards
  • Judge is obliged to evaluate minimum 20 games or more (optional)
  • Time for evaluation is 2 weeks (TBA)
  • We do not publish the names of judges to avoid pressure on them, but we don’t prohibit them to talk about it publicly

Judging is a voluntary action of the gaming industry representatives who really cares what kind of games should win recognition.

Moreover, it is a nice opportunity for publishers to review projects prior to the conference!


  • Additional status of a “… Nomination sponsor”
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Logo on Awards page
  • Logo in the Show Guide
  • Logo in all online Awards promos (newsletter, social media, blog)
  • Extra mentions in nominees and winners announcements
  • Logo in the video of your nomination during Awards
  • Logo on Awards program handout

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