Industry Expo

The first thing that the participants see when they come to the DevGAMM conference are beautiful and large booths of companies. We tried our best to transform this experience from offline to online. Industry Expo hosts virtual booths of gaming companies, where its employees go live and are open to interacting with participants.

What are the branding options on virtual booths?

  • Company logo and description
  • Social media channels links
  • Handouts from the company
  • Media and video files: banners or ad videos
  • CTA-button
  • A public chat with a notification system
  • An agenda with presentations that can be bookmarked by viewers
  • Booth analytics (views, list of attendees)


Companies can do live presentations, talk about corporate culture, offer opportunities, showcase their projects, announce new games, hold workshops, polls, and answer questions from viewers.

What participants can do at the virtual booth?

  • Download company’s handouts¬†
  • Join a live broadcast alongside company employees
  • During the broadcast, it is possible to turn on screen sharing (for example: to show your game or CV)
  • Turn on notifications about interesting activities in the booth
  • Start a discussion and mention others in the chat