DevGAMM Quest

a small adventure on the conference at the end of which you can get a cool prize from our sponsors.


How can gaming conference exist without gamification? For this reason, we decided to create DevGAMM Quest – a small adventure on the conference at the end of which you can get a cool prize from our sponsors. It can be anything from charging devices or speakers to new iPhone or PlayStation. You should definitely compete for such prizes!

Check the page with prizes from our last conferences.

How to take part in DevGAMM Quest?
In order to participate in DevGAMM Quest, you need to collect all stamps from all the tasks on the conference and give a completed form with stamps to the moderator of the Quest. You can easily find him – near the table with prizes.

Where can I find the task list?
The task list will be available in the conference app.

Where can I collect all stamps?
The last page of a brochure which you can find in a participant bag – is actually your form. You need to write your name like it is written on your badge, and you just need to collect all the above mentioned stamps.

What should I do to get all stamps?
You will need to complete all the tasks. Here are some examples of tasks:

  • To make a photo in a photo booth
  • To play 10 games at Showcase
  • To leave your visiting card on the sponsor’s booth
  • To make a post in social media with a hashtag
  • To listen to a speech of a certain Speaker

And so on: everything depends on imagination of companies that
participate in the Quest!

Will I definitely gain a prize?
The amount of presents is limited, of course,  but we try to collect as much as possible recognition prizes from our sponsors.

The most important is to be present at prize drawing!

How will the prize drawing be held?
Winners will be selected with the help of raffle. You will put your completed form into a drum from which we will take out winner forms. We will start from small prizes and then we will move to main prizes – well, just to keep intrigue. The prize drawing will be held among all attendees. In case if your name would be called but you wouldn’t come on the stage – we take out the next form. Your name in your form should be the same as on your badge!

Where and when will the prize drawing be held?
May 17, Red Hal, 14:30


Sponsor: DXRACER
Prize: DXRacer Chair, model OH/DF73/N

Sponsor: Bombora
Prize: Blood, Sweat, and Pixels

Sponsor: VertComm
Prize: 3 termocups, 3 pair of socks, 3 powerbanks

Sponsor: Gismart
Prize: Airpods

Sponsor: Gemenot
Prize: Board game “GAME DEV SIM”

Sponsor: Appness
Prize: Vinyl player

Sponsor: Values Value
Prize: Marshall Major II Bluetooth, White

Sponsor: G5
Prize: LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Sponsor: Niko
Prize: 15 Hoodie

Sponsor: Autodesk
Prize: Yandex.Station

Sponsor: Unreal Engine
Prize: WARP computer Chair

Sponsor: TAPCLAP
Prize: 7 Powerbank Li-polymer, 6000 mAh

Sponsor: Owl Studio
Prize: 15 Owl Toys

Sponsor: СrazyPanda
Prize: Mi Pocket Speaker 2

Prize: Electric scooter

Sponsor: Oclickstudio
Prize: Speaker Qumo Thunder

Sponsor: Banzai Games
Prize: Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Pro

Sponsor: Playrix
Prize: GoPro HERO7

Sponsor: RoasUp
Prize: Wenger bag

Sponsor: MyTona
1. Apple iPad Pro 10.5 64 Gb Wi-Fi Space Grey + apple pencil
Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Silver
3. Apple AirPods w/Wireless Charge

Sponsor:  GameInsight
Prize:  5 mi power bank & Headphones Beats Ep

List being updated


If you want to drive more foot traffic to your booth, or if you just want to support the Quest – just become one of the sponsors of DevGAMM Quest! What are the benefits:

  •  Status of ‘Sponsor of nomination’
  •  Logo in the form of DevGAMM Quest

If you want to provide the Quest with some prizes, and to take part in the Quest as a Sponsor — contact Tori:

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