DevGAMM Moscow Party

A warm May evening with gamedev fans in Moscow. You’re welcome.

May 15, Saturday, at 17:00 (Moscow time)

Moscow, Varshavskoye Highway 33, build. 5

A ticket costs $30. It is sold separately from your conference ticket. Party tickets are limited.

Only 18+ allowed. Don’t forget to bring your ID to the party.

That’s right! DevGAMM Moscow Party is our first offline party in the last 18 months. There’ll be nice lounge music, BBQ, red drinks, a terrace overlooking a sunset, but the coolest thing is that you’ll get to meet your old friends and new people.

Seats are strictly limited. Hurry and get yourself a ticket!

All social distancing measures are in place: guests will be asked to wear masks and use sanitizers available in the hall.

What to expect?

No entertainment, hard networking only. We know how much you’ve missed each other in this 1.5 year of lockdown. Now we can finally have an intimate gathering to warm ourselves up for future meetings.

There will be a photographer, bartenders, and waiters working at the party. Everyone else will be having fun. Light snacks, BBQ at the terrace, and some strong drinks – doesn’t that sound good enough to free up your evening on May 15?

Online Party

Wednesday, May 12, 7 p.m. (Moscow time) – until the last guest

Party.Space 3D virtual platform (access through PINE)

Who is invited:
PRO and SPEAKER ticket holders

Online party is the happy culmination of the first day at DevGAMM Spring! Get ready for a new format – fancy virtual platform designed as a nightclub! 

You can enter through the PINE platform which hosts the conference. Your avatar and name will be imported from PINE as well, so choose your profile picture wisely.

The closer you are to another person, the clearer you hear them. In the bar area, you can gather a large circle of participants and talk together. There are also private lounge areas for 4 people. If you are here, no one will hear your conversation except the guests at the table.

Also there are:

  • general chat room;
  • quick overview of all guests: click on any name on the list to move straight to this person;
  • soft music: you can adjust the volume as you like;
  • lots and lots of conversations!

Games Industry Gathering

May 14, from 9 pm MSK to 9 am MSK
(yup, 12 hours!)


Who is invited:
all DevGAMM Spring 2021 attendees


DevGAMM Spring 2021 ticket holders will get exclusive link with promo code via newsletter

DevGAMM and Games Industry Gathering are organizing super exclusive online party. As a part of your ticket to DevGAMM Spring 2021 you will be getting access to this gaming industry networking event.

Once you log in (via the ZOOM client) you’ll be part of the event where every 20 minutes you’re put into a randomized group with 4-5 professionals in the games industry. You’ll connect with people you may not typically meet, find unique opportunities to socialize.  Get a chance to talk to the international audience, which will unite both DevGAMM and GIG attendees.

Think of it like the bar next door to the gaming convention that we’re all attending, except you can hear everyone more clearly and it’s a much safer environment!

Please be sure to abide by the event’s main rules:

  • No recording. Unless it’s agreed upon by everyone on the screen at any given time, this isn’t a group where the conversations would end up being streamed online. A few photos for social is fine, but ask permission first.
  • You don’t have to drink. Just like a real convention party, plenty of people are meeting and greeting without knocking back shots of tequila, so no pressure either way 😏
  • Respect all party participants and don’t interrupt anyone 😉.

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