Online events are as good as offline ones when it comes to opportunities for business connections and meetings: no limits, attendees from different countries, flexible time. During DevGAMM Spring 2021, you’ll be able to hold video meetings every day using PINE platform.

Setting up meetings

You can schedule meetings every day from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. (Moscow Time). You can set your local time zone. One video call in PINE lasts 30 minutes. And you can also invite your colleagues to join the meeting, if necessary.

We recommend you to:

  • check out the list of people and companies attending the event in separate tabs well ahead of time;
  • use filters for a more convenient search;
  • choose personal tags to make yourself easier to find;
  • block the time slots when you’re not available for meetings.

And if you want to stand out among the rest, you can create a personal card in a dedicated section of PINE. It is customizable.

What should be on the card?

  • a few lines about yourself and your company;
  • screenshots or a video of your game, product, services;
  • links to website, social media, and your contact details.

NB: We’d like to remind you that the holders of:

  • PRO tickets – have an unlimited number of meetings;

  • BASIC tickets have no access to meetings.

Random Networking

Even at our online events, we want to create room for casual meetings. Random Networking is a separate activity in PINE, which allows meeting a randomly picked attendee in a video call. 

Each meeting is 5 minutes long. Meetings will take place every day and will be divided based on the topic. A person to talk to will be randomly picked from those who logged in. As soon as the meeting time runs out, you’ll be connected with the next person. And if someone gets you interested, you can add this person to bookmarks and contact them later.

Other networking opportunities


This activity will gather all the representatives of companies offering publishing and investment. Look through the list of contacts, quickly find the right companies, and schedule 30-minute calls.

with experts

Closed 10-12 people discussions set inside a virtual video room and focused on a specific topic determined by the leader of the table. The purpose is to share experience and meet with other business attendees. Everyone at the roundtable will have a chance to express their opinion and take an active part in the discussion.

Everyone looking for new acquaintances can visit one of the networking events.


A new convenient format of communication with game industry experts. During a one-on-one session, you’ll get a chance to ask professionals from the industry of interest any questions you want.