Publisher Cafe

A convenient list of the most active publishers and investors looking for new projects. Select the necessary contacts and schedule 30-minute meetings in PINE.

Benefits for publishers

  • you will get featured at the conference;
  • you will receive a lot more meeting requests from developers;
  • you will discover new cool projects

Publishers holding a PRO ticket can participate for free. When purchasing a ticket, indicate that you look for projects and complete a publisher application form.

Benefits for developers

  • you will get quick access to the list of vetted contacts of publishers and investors;
  • you will obtain the contacts of participants who are actively looking for new projects and cooperation;
  • you will be able to set up 30-minute one-on-one meetings with publishers and investors (and bring your colleagues to the call).

Only developers with PRO tickets can set up meetings with publishers.

NB: We’d like to remind you that the holders of:

  • PRO tickets have an unlimited number of meetings;
  • BASIC tickets have no access to meetings.

If you have any questions about participation in the activity, write to