DevGAMM 2018 Wrap-Up

DevGAMM 2018 Wrap-Up

It’s the high time to sum up everything that happened with DevGAMM in 2018. This year was very productive for all our team. We’ve managed to organize 6 events and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the conference.

DevGAMM at three capitals: Kyiv, Moscow, Minsk

This year we came back to Ukraine after 5 years of absence. It was really important for us, as the history of DevGAMM had its roots in this point. On February 1-2, within the conference in Kyiv, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of DevGAMM. 934 people attended our event in Cosmopolite Congress Hall. Read a detailed report and check out all data in Infographic. Watch the video in ‘The Greatest Showman’ style to learn how the conference was held. It was actually edited during 2 conference days!

Our next point of destination was Moscow, May 17-18. 2 000 people from 30 countries gathered at Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel to celebrate the gaming industry. Read the full report on the Moscow event. We also gathered the most interesting data in the Infographic.

To top it off we organized an amazing DevGAMM in Minsk on November 15-16. 1 800 people joined the conference. The event took place in our usual Minsk Marriott Hotel and the adjacent Sports & Entertainment Complex Falcon Club. Learn the most interesting facts from our official report and Infographic.

Summit in Seattle, Talks in Lviv and Moscow

Apart from big conferences, we managed to organize several one-day events. For instance, on July 14, we held a cozy DevGAMM Talks in Lviv, supported by G5 company, which was dedicated to art and animation. 270 attendees visited us.

Right after that, on August 29, in the run-up to PAX, we organized DevGAMM Summit Seattle 2018. It was all about investments in games and work with platforms. But that’s not all. On September 22, we gathered everyone in Moscow for Pixonic DevGAMM Talks. It is a super useful event for programmers, with high-level sessions, which with the help of Pixonic gathered 222 people.

New formats

80 girls from the gaming industry took part in DevGAMM’s first Girls & Games Business Lunch in Minsk. The girls behind each table discussed work-life balance problems, leadership, and shared motivational stories with each other.

For the first time ever we organized DevGAMM Roundtables with the industry experts. It is a closed 10-people discussion dedicated to a specific topic, determined by the leader of the table. We consider it as a really useful format for networking and knowledge sharing so we’re going to develop in future. Moreover, everyone got a chance to take part in game industry poker tournament, which from now on will be an annual event in Minsk.

Game Lynch → Game Roast

During DevGAMM in Moscow, we announced the rebranding of Game Lynch into Game Roast. We ‘buried’ Lynch on the stage:) Watch how it happened in our video on YouTube channel. Next year we’re going to properly restart the format, therefore stay tuned for more surprises!

DevGAMM Awards and prize funds

We had two amazing DevGAMM Awards at our conference.

In Moscow, we decided to organize the ceremony with DevGAMM’s Got Talent theme where the industry representatives demonstrated their talents live. The prize fund of Best Indie Game, supported by TinyBuild and Kefir, was $ 20,000. Check out the list of the Awards winners.

Moreover, in Minsk, we had a super unusual DevGAMM Awards in the format of a chat in Telegram:) Thanks to TinyBuild, Kefir and Unreal Engine, the Best Indie Game prize fund was $ 30,000! Take a look at the list of the winners.

We’re going to develop DevGAMM Awards in the next year! So, prepare your games 🙂

DevGAMM Team

This year we had a lot of changes in our team. We tried new directions, overcame all difficulties together and worked to develop the gaming industry. Most of the team members got new positions, and we grew in numbers. We had three awesome team building getaways that really helped our remote team to learn more about each other and had a positive effect on our work.

What are DevGAMM plans for 2019?

Next year we plan to focus on 2 events: Moscow in May, with a new location, and Minsk in November. It’s really important for us to organize a very useful conference for our attendees and contribute to the development of the gaming industry. Therefore, we want to integrate new formats, grow our team, optimize the internal processes and conference activities, increase efficiency. Which means that our attendees should expect a new and improved DevGAMM!

Our team would like to wish you Happy Holidays! May it bring you more unforgettable emotions and impressions. See you at our next events 🙂

DevGAMM Team <3

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