Jonathan Blow Keynote & Other Tech Talks

Jonathan Blow Keynote & Other Tech Talks

Shout out to our next keynote speaker Jonathan Blow, President, Thekla, Inc. He will present a talk within Technical track.

Jonathan is the most wanted speaker of our conference. He’ll present a talk on How to prevent the collapse of Civilization. Jonathan Blow is a game designer/programmer living in San Francisco, USA. His most recent games were The Witness and Braid. He is working on a programming language to replace C++, and developing his third game.

Make sure to also attend the amazing sessions within Technical track from the representatives of such companies as, Unity, Game Insight, Crazy Panda, Azur Games, Bananaft.

They’ll touch on such topics as the development of a matchmaker for your online game, getting started with LWRP in Unity and Shadergraph, modular approach to Match-3 development, new alternative rendering methods, backend evolution in Robot Warfare and even more.

Follow the link to learn more about Tech sessions.

                  Make sure to buy tickets before the price increase (until April 24)!

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  1. Hi DevGAMM,
    Jonathan is a very experienced guy.

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