Parties & Networking

Parties are an essential part of any conference. At the end of a busy day, what can be better than a good chat and a glass of wine with industry friends, right? We also know that parties are the best way to meet new people and establish strong relationships with business partners. 

In 2020, DevGAMM goes online, and so do the parties. We are happy to invite you to not just one but at least FIVE different events during the DevGAMM Online.

See the details below: you are invited!

What online party means

Each party is basically a link to a virtual space. You know the theme, the timing, the platform and sometimes the hosts of the event – feel free to join any or visit all of them one by one. 

Please, check the technical requirements before joining: some platforms and parties have the limits.

Photos of our previous offline parties:

List of confirmed parties

This list is still updating

DevGAMM Online Official Party

Welcome to DevGAMM Online Official Party supported by! 
We did our best to transfer the experience of an offline party to online space. Here you can move from one location to another, chat with different groups of people and join random conversations. Just drag and drop your avatar closer to a place or a person: the closer you are, the better you hear them. 
There are different areas around: bars, lounge zone, dance floor, and others. Explore them all and have fun!

Where:, link is available via PINE 

Duration: 120+ minutes


MAY 14

DevGAMM Concert

Host: Stanislav Polesko, Strategic Music

Online concert of Stanislav Polesko, Strategic Music studio. Vibrant, melodious synthwave tracks played with analog synthesizers will keep you fully immersed in the neon-filled ’80s, with its arcade machines, game consoles, cassette tape recorders, and VHS movies.

Where: YouTube

Duration: 60 minutes


MAY 14

KDI Party

Hosts of one of the most popular game industry and development podcasts “How games are made” are organizing an unscheduled party-episode in a new video format! They will discuss the new conference format, DevGAMM games, and might even connect with conference attendees as their guests. On top of that, a live chat and Russian meat dumplings workshop!

Where: “How games are made” YouTube Channel (subscribe to make sure you don’t miss it)

Duration: 90-120 minutes


MAY 14

Roblox Party

Host: Yaroslav Kravtsov, RnD Manager, DevGAMM

We will chill on a private island, dance on the beach, sit by the fire, have a romantic candlelight dinner, and take part in round table debates. The most curious ones can embark on a quest for secret places.

Duration: 90-120 minutes


MAY 14

Jackbox PARTY² Pack

Host: Andrew Kokhan, CEO, NightCat Studios
Gleb Kraskov, CEO, Solcore.Design

There is nothing like having all get together for a party game, right? That’s why we invite you to play games of the Jackbox Party Pack series with us! The party will take place on Discord and will be live-streamed on Twitch for those who enjoy watching others have fun from the bench. Don’t miss the beginning!

Who is invited?
People with a good sense of humor, who just want to have a good time with other conference attendees in a casual setting.

All Instructions in Discord

Where: Discord

Duration: 120 minutes


MAY 14

Girls & Games Online Networking

Host: Alice Gurska, Game Designer

Together with platform, we organize a traditional game for women in the gaming industry. We will discuss all the difficulties and advantages of working from home, share our experience, and motivate each other.

Attendance by pre-registration only. Limited number of participants. RSVP is required.


Duration: 90 minutes


MAY 15

DevGAMM Stories

Online After-Party Full of Emotion

Host: Oleg Pridiuk, Developer Relations
Oleg Chumakov, CEO,
Karina Lavushkina, PR Director, Pixonic

Distance makes it difficult to create such emotionally engaging moments as when you meet in real. That’s why we are gathering a snug group to share the most memorable moments, partnerships, and activities of DevGAMM. A cozy get-together for our most loyal attendees who are always at the forefront of every event. Meet us for a warm and friendly after-party. Register to get invite for video call in Google Meet or stream on YouTube.

Duration: 60 minutes


MAY 15

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