BUSINESS if your goal is business development: meetings, new contacts, and networking.

DEVELOPER if you’re a developer and want to submit a game to Awards and other gaming activities, but not very interested in the business part. Before purchasing ticket, please check submissions deadlines.

FYI: if you want to contact publishers directly, it’s better to take a BUSINESS ticket. DEVELOPER ticket type has limited access to the meeting system.

SESSIONS if you want to listen to the sessions, enjoy virtual sponsors expo, get a virtual participant bag and attend our virtual party.

Access to All Sessions

The live stream of sessions will be held in a closed system and will be available only to participants with a ticket to the online conference.

If you have a ticket, you can watch the sessions live stream right after the event. Otherwise, the videos will be available on our YouTube channel no sooner than in half a year. The exception is the DevGAMM Awards livestream. It will be in public at once.

Virtual Sponsors Expo

We provide space for sponsors’ virtual booths. All participants of DevGAMM Online will receive access to them through the event service.

We’ll reveal the details on the Virtual Sponsors Expo soon.

Virtual Participant Bag

Have you ever heard about Virtual Participant Bags? They will include services discounts, certificates, trial access to online products, games codes, digital art, tickets to our partners’ events and other bonuses from our friends and sponsors.

You will get your virtual bag via email on the morning of May 14, the first conference day.

If your company wants to add some cool stuff to the participants bags, reach us at

Business Meetings

As usual, we use the most convenient tool for meeting arrangements: PINE Tool (it works both on the web and mobile). You can create an attendee card in PINE tool, and write about yourself or your company, see the list and profiles of all the participants.

To top it off, you can hold meetings in a video call format, without downloading other services.

Only BUSINESS ticket holders have full functionality and unlimited access to PINE.

If you have other types of tickets, you can create your own profile, accept meeting requests, but you can’t appoint meetings.

Random networking

Only BUSINESS ticket owners will get access to random networking with other conference participants. During 3-5 minutes you can meet online, exchange contacts and find common interests.

We hope that this format will replace casual meetings and acquaintances that everyone loves at conferences.

DevGAMM Awards

DevGAMM Awards will be held as planned! The game submissions are already open. You need to have a DEVELOPER or BUSINESS ticket to submit your game.

The award process will also be online: we plan to make a livestream of DevGAMM Awards not only for conference participants but also in open sources for everyone.

If you submitted the game before the announcement of DevGAMM Online, your application remains valid, you do not need to submit your project again.

Submissions to other game activities 

Moreover, we’re planning other activities to help you with your game promotion or feedback collection. Check out:

  • Speed ​​Game Dating (three-minute meetings of developers and publishers)
  • Game Design Review (review of several games from experts)
  • Public Pitch (public short presentation of games to all participants: you have up to five minutes to tell everything)

The submission form is the same as for Awards. All activities have different deadlines. We’ll update it on this page later.

FYI: game submission doesn’t guarantee your participation in all the gaming activities (except Awards).

Virtual Party

The conference can’t be without any party! We are considering several options, and they are all very interesting, but we can’t guarantee that the party will be held for sure. However, if we’ll choose the best option, everyone who has a ticket will get access to the virtual party. Stay tuned!

DevGAMM Online will include several activities for journalists and bloggers. Media ticket is equal to the BUSINESS ticket. All the options, except for game submission, are available.
Participation options:

  • Game Critics on the Games Hub portal. You can be among the first ones who will see the projects and help to range them. You’ll have access to developers’ contacts to make a review of their games. To register, put a check in the section. After that, you’ll receive the instruction.
  • Public Pitch (online game pitch). This is a unique content that will not be uploaded on YouTube. You’ll watch the developers’ presentation of their projects online. It’s your chance to highlight the most interesting games.



Regular (up to April 30)

Late Bird





Up to April 30




Up to April 30




Up to April 30


  • After April 28 you won’t be able to pay for tickets through invoice (wire)
  • Only Credit Card will be available. Invoice payments have a 10 USD surcharge

How to upgrade a ticket from SESSIONS to BUSINESS

To upgrade your SESSIONS ticket to BUSINESS, enter the promotional code update_to_business in the ticket purchase widget on this page, fill in all the required information and follow the instructions from the email.

What is the additional payment amount you will have to pay

If you purchased a SESSIONS ticket at the Regular price, you will get a BUSINESS ticket at the Early Bird price too.

The ticket price widget will display the default price ($110). It will be changed after filling out the form. Under the link to pay, you will see the current cost of the surcharge.

Promotional code discount

If you used a promotional code for a SESSIONS ticket, this percentage of the discount will be applied for a BUSINESS ticket.

When is the deadline?

You can upgrade SESSIONS to BUSINESS ticket until May 12, inclusive.

You can change the data up to May 14, 01:00 PM.

To do this, send a message to Your ticket; Name; Surname; Company and position; Email; Telephone.
Within 2 working days we will make changes and send an updated ticket and access to the PINE to the specified email.
  • Late Bird tickets can not be returned but you can change a name on a badge.
  • The tickets bought after April 30 can not be returned.
  • All refund requests sent/submitted after April 30 will be invalid.
  • Return fee at the rate of 12.5% shall be paid by the buyer.

We provide 15% group discount if you buy 10 tickets or more. Discount is not valid for Early Bird.

Please contact us for details.

We temporarily stop selling the tickets to DevGAMM Moscow 2020 because of its transfer to an online mode. More details in this video by DevGAMM CEO Lerika Mallayeva. 

What to do if you already buy the ticket to DevGAMM Moscow 2020?

  • You can get a full refund
  • Or transfer the ticket to DevGAMM in Kyiv or Minsk

How to return or transfer the ticket?

During the next couple of days, you’ll get an email from with transfer and refund options. Please, choose your option until March 31st and reply to the email. 

After the refund or transfer, we’ll provide you the 15% discount for DevGAMM Online tickets.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at with in CC.