Speaker Guide

Sessions will take place within PINE. What does this mean for the speaker?

You can participate in two formats:

Pre-recording + LIVE Q&A

You record your talk in OBS Studio or similar tools. We will launch your recording during the event. You will be able to join the stage LIVE at the end to answer questions from the audience and interact with the chat.


You will join stream live at the agreed time within PINE. You’ll be able to test the connection, your video, and slides beforehand. After the talk is over you will also stay for the Q&A part and the moderator will help you with it.

Your experience in PINE includes:

  • Participant profile for meetings
  • Speaker Portal to upload your recording, talk to organizer and go backstage. Private backstage for every speaker is meant to help you set up before joining the live stream
  • Your stage & backstage look like this:

Every speaker will have a call with organizers to test the interface.

The speaker will get a Speaker ticket which is similar to Business (check what is included).


Maria Chyrvona

Content Producer

Nikita Ivanov

Content Manager