Our goal at DevGAMM is to help developers get their games noticed, collect feedback, and find new business opportunities. Submit your game to get the attention it deserves.

Game Submissions is open

Deadline: April 15th


Get the most out of the conference and developer visibility by participating in our game activities.


Join over a hundred teams to take advantage of different game activities and meet publishers or investors, connect to platforms, improve core gameplay and make a name. (этот текст там уже есть)


Deadline: April 15

Public Pitch

Deadline: April 15

  • Public Pitch is a public review of your pitch by the publishers and industry experts. The number of spots is limited. The earlier you apply, the greater your chance of being selected.
  • During the first stage, the pitches will be pre-recorded (once a week during the last month before the conference).
  • The second stage will be the live final at DevGAMM on May 14.
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Deadline: April 15

  • Get a virtual booth at the conference, where you can show game trailers, introduce your team, chat with the visitors and even hold live streams.
  • Once your application is approved, you will receive a guide to setting up a booth and learn the day/time of featuring during the event.


Deadline: April 15

  • We have partnered with streamers who will pick games from a full scope of submissions and play them on their Twitch and YouTube channels. It means your game will be seen by even more gamers!
  • Streams will run every day during the conference.
  • Last time, they were watched by more than 40 000 players!


Deadline: April 15

Within a few one-hour sessions, the experts explain what can be improved at several pre-selected games. They dissect features, point out the untapped potential of the metagame and monetization, and tell about other drawbacks. Ergo, the feedback remains constructive and developers get knowledge-based options to solve the problems.

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Deadline: April 15

In this series of 30-minute sessions, professional artists take a deep dive into the art component of the pre-selected games. They check the relevance of the art style for the target audience and provide the overall feedback on how to improve it.

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Marketing Review

Deadline: April 15

During an online panel discussion, the experts review the marketing side of the several pre-selected games. They evaluate marketing strategy and assets and recommend how to make them work better

Speed Game Dating

  • Speed Game Dating is 5-minute one-on-one meetings between developers and publishers, divided into mobile and desktop tracks.
  • The goal is to help you get to know each other a little for further communication and cooperation.
  • Learn more about this activity.

Publisher Cafe

  • Publisher Cafe is a convenient list of the most active publishers and investors looking for new projects.
  • Select the necessary contacts and schedule 30-minute meetings in PINE.
  • Learn more about this activity.


  • An official live stream that will feature interviews with DevGAMM Awards nominees and some publishers taking part in the Virtual Showcase.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel not to miss it!

NB! All review sessions are public. They will be viewed by the DevGAMM attendees and even wider audience of
DevGAMM YouTube channel.

You need a PRO tickets to submit game for game activities!


Schedule for game activities will be available here before May 1st

If you have any questions about submitting your project or participating in activities, write to


Public Pitch Experts

Ilya Eremeev
Senior Executive Producer, MGVC

Ekaterina Prikhodko
Head of Marketing,
Apelsin Games

Slava Lukyanenka
Producer, CD Projekt RED

Kenton Fletcher
Designer, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe

Katerina Burbela
Business Development Manager, gamigo AG

Anton Pavlov
Producer, tinyBuild

Alina Gribanova
Independent Consultant

Ilya Salamatov
CEO, META Publishing

Victoria Beliaeva
Senior Business Development Manager, AppQuantum

Frank Meijer
Scout/Developer Relations, Those Awesome Guys

Artem Bochkarev
Producer, tinyBuild

Borys Trienin
Business Development Manager, GmbH



Rami Ismail

Mr Holodilnick
Mr Holodilnick




Art Review Experts

Artem Koblov
Сo-founder & Creative Director, perelesoq

Roman Guro
Art Director, Red Beat

Vera Velichko
CEO, OWL Studio

Alexander Shott
Game Designer, Vizor Games

Game Desing Review Experts

Artyom Volkov
Senior Game Designer, Ciliz

Irina Burylina
Senior Game Designer, NXStudio

Artyom Volkov
Game Designer, Freelancer

Serge Himmelreich

Anton Akhapkin
Publishing Producer, AppQuantum

Sviatoslav Torik
Independent Consultant

Marketing Review Experts

Ekaterina Prikhodko
Head of Marketing, Apelsin Games

Max Fomichev
Producer, Pixonic

Vlad Mischenko
Producer, HypeTrain Digital

Kirill Ustinovich
Head of Marketing, Strikerz Inc.

Ksenia Koroleva
Chief Marketing Officer, CreaGames

Julia Shmyrova
CEO & founder, TBA communications agency

Karina Lavushkina
PR Director, Pixonic

Nikolay Borzov
Co-Founder, FatPony


Alina Husevyk

Head of Games

If you have any questions about submitting your project or participating in activities, write to

Telegram: lidevdevil