Steve Filby talks about Dead Cells marketing

Steve Filby talks about Dead Cells marketing

We can’t stop announcing our fascinating keynote speakers. This time you can prepare yourself for an awesome story about hardcore 2D action platformer from a French studio Motion Twin – Dead Cells.

Steve Filby, Managing Director, IndieCatapult / Motion Twin will give a talk at DevGAMM in Minsk.

This session will look at the way they crafted the marketing strategy for Dead Cells and sold over 1M copies since launch. Steve will focus on how marketing should inform every aspect of your development and how that information can help you make the right game for the right players. He’ll dive right down into the forgotten 3 P’s of game marketing.

Responsible for marketing Dead Cells (1M+ units) and consulting on Northgard (700K+ units). He has worked on triple I titles and with one man indies. I focus on strategic planning and management of marketing campaigns from the first GDD to the final launch and beyond.

DevGAMM Minsk is waiting for you. Learn how to create strategic marketing for your indie game. And make sure to buy tickets before the price increase.

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