Game Roast: Fight for the Future

Game Roast: Fight for the Future

Last year, the good old Game Lynch was solemnly buried and immediately resurrected under a new name.

In Minsk, we held Game Roast for the first time, and it became clear that it’s not just the name that needs to be changed. Therefore, this year we are launching phase two of Game Roast, where only completed or released projects are allowed to participate. The experts will cry and weep, there will be no more unfinished prototypes and raw versions! Let’s make them work for it!

The stage will face a fierce fight for the future … the future of games! As the classic said, good games will save the world, and we must do everything in our power to get more of them. Will the brave experts be able to prevent the apocalypse and the invasion of bad games?

Learn the main secret of Game Roast on May 17, at 5:30 pm, on the DevGAMM main stage in Red Hall! The winner among the developers will get a pan with the autographs of experts. This is a prize worth fighting for!

Led by Alex Nichiporchik the battle features:


Jon ‘T800’ Carnage 



Alex Rose Games



Mikhail Kuzmin




Nikita Kulaga

Lazy Bear Games



Peter Salnikov

Disgusting Men


Be quick to buy tickets for DevGAMM, only 160 left!

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