Angry Birds composer’s keynote at Audio Track

Angry Birds composer’s keynote at Audio Track

This time DevGAMM Minsk program is full of sessions about audio. We are happy to announce that the keynote of this track is Ari Pulkkinen, CEO, Creative Director, AriTunes.

His talk is meant for those who are involved in setting up and designing music for games. How to start the design process, invent unique branding, manage iteration processes and setup development pipelines. Useful for in-house creative leads, producers, designers to audio outsourcers and composers.

Ari Pulkkinen is the CEO & Creative Director of AriTunes and AriTunesCorp. He’s an award-winning composer and a sound designer with over 16 years of experience in games industry. His work includes many famous games such as Angry Birds, Trine -series, Resogun and Nex Machina, and other AAA, Mobile games.

Moreover, within this track, Yauhen Trubin ( will give a talk about ambiance sound system in World of Tanks, Arseni Khodzin (keepforest) will explain to you if it is worth to fear artificial intelligence in creating music and design, and Sergey Myachin (Live Typing Inc) in his turn will touch on how to make outstanding game with generative music and levels. And if you want to get the tips and tricks of creation and Unity3d integration of the footstep SFXs – visit the session of Aleksey Vanchuk (Heyworks).

The representatives of Gismart, SD Lab and will also share their experience.

Hurry up, buy tickets before the prices increase!



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