Spush is the new mascot-hero of DevGAMM

Spush is the new mascot-hero of DevGAMM

What a day! This is the time to announce a new mascot of DevGAMM Moscow 2019! Some of you may know who is our next symbol. We’re glad to present Spush to you.

Where does Spush come from?

“Maybe the best friends of the artist are imaginary”

If you’re subscribed to social media pages of Vera Velichko, CEO, Owl Studio, you probably know that she has volunteered to create a mascot for DevGAMM. It is her third time of drawing our symbols.

Three years ago she accepted the challenge — draw sketches every day. But she has realized that it’s really time-consuming, she made it even at night. One day Spush has appeared 🙂

Spush sketches were fast but, nevertheless, they had their little story.

But the main character also has supporting characters: Friend Pillow (the right choice in Spush’s work–life balance story) and Neighbour Mr. Slow (the calmest neighbour in the world).

What does “Spush” mean? Who is his prototype?

Spush means “sleep”. The thing is that mascot has some similar features with a “bread” 🙂 He embodies warmth, therefore Spush is created in red colors, and all the kindness of this world.

What were the stages of mascot design?

As you know, the idea of Spush character was ready. Therefore, Vera started to work on sketches with conference activities. During 2 weeks she posted them in social media with #devgamm, #spush and #everydaysketch hashtags. She created polls where everyone voted for best sketches.

After the sketches approvement, her colleague Ksenia Semenova started to draw mascot in vector. To represent the right nature and emotion of a certain activity, Spush had 5-6 iterations.

What is the nature of Spush?

Spush is the nicest guy in the world(с) Vera Velichko

Our mascot is always in a good mood and he doesn’t believe in difficulties. He calls everyone to smile and get enough sleep! Spush perfectly demonstrates DevGAMM conference mood and, what is surely important, they are both red and sunny.

Spush is a sleep-keeper, therefore Vera recommends everyone the following:

“Let’s get enough sleep before DevGAMM conference and go there with perfect mood!”

Would you advise other artists to create future DevGAMM mascots? Would you call it a good experience?

It’s a good experience for sure. Owl Studio is taking part in DevGAMM mascot design for the third time. This is always a positive process. You can see your character on banners, and get some sticker packs. Moreover, during two days of DevGAMM, you can tell everyone ‘By the way, do you see this character? That’s my job!’. But before this, I would advise everyone to attend the conference at least two times. You should also explore the previous mascots, their mood, and key message.

Guys, if you want to become our next author of DevGAMM mascots and get new art experience – contact us at contact@devgamm.com

PS: add our awesome Spush Telegram stickers, let’s be in trend 🙂
PPS: double add a separate Spushsticker pack that has been designed by Vera within six months!

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